Bracelets to Warm You Up

It’s 25 degrees out so far, warming to about 35 this afternoon and last night I was working on bracelets that made me think of SUN, SAND & BLUE WATER……..

I know I should be working on my Christmas gifts but instead I was thinking about what bracelets I am going to wear to the Bahamas!  We are taking a quick trip before Christmas with the kids to Atlantis and we are all very excited.  It is  a little hectic trying to get the Christmas cards written, gifts shopped and wrapped, everyone packed all 10 days before Christmas but – I am not complaining.  We are very grateful we have the opportunity to escape the cold at least for a few days.

I am thinking red sponge coral, turquoise,  a little silver, warm brown wood, etc.  I want something simple and not fussy or too dressy.  Something that can get wet and I don’t have to worry about it.  Here are a few bracelets I put together – so far…..

I twisted this set of three stretch bracelets so you can see how they will look all mixed together. The first has red sponge coral nuggets with a few sterling nuggets, the second has red sponge coral heishi mixed with turquoise heishi and the third has small twisted sterling tubes with teeny tiny turquoise spacers. It will look great with white or black….and a tan (need one).

I’ve mentioned how much I love Waxed Irish Linen for bracelet making before. Here is a great new example.  I made this with chocolate brown Waxed Irish Linen knotted between silver, red and blue/green agates and a heavily matrixed turquoise focal bead.  I finished it off with a magnetized silver plated barrel clasp.  This bracelet is so much fun to put on – it just sort of jumps together all by itself.   If you can work magnet clasps into your bracelet designs – I highly recommend it!

This could be a necklace as well as a bracelet.  It has small amazonite squares and turquoise heishi beads between.  I like to wear it as a bracelet wrapped around my wrist 5 times.  I love all the tonality in the blues and greens. It definitely makes me think of tropical waters.

I encourage you to get out some bright happy beads, brew a hot beverage and make some bracelets that will transport you (even if only in spirit) to your favorite beach.

Sending You Warm Wishes for the Holidays!



2 responses to “Bracelets to Warm You Up

  1. You got me inspired. I have brought out my messed up collection of beads . I started beading when I was my daughters age,12. Lots of enjoyment. Now have to just sit down long enough to finish 1 necklace. Wish me luck ~

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