DIY Beaded Wrap Bracelet Success!

Here it is! The results of my beaded wrap bracelet using waxed Irish linen instead of leather cording.  I really like how it turned out.  The photo does not do it justice – it is much more chic in person.

Materials Used

Cording: 7 ply waxed Irish linen (doubled over on each side).  I was going to buy 12 ply – but decided against paying the price and having to wait for it.

Thread: Brown nymo doubled over.

Beads: 4mm faceted fire polish Czech crystal beads in light gold and silver.  The light gold are half fire polished and half clear crystal which gives it a really amazing look in person!

Button: Matte brass rough faceted button

Tools: Clipboard, bead board or piece of stiff cardboard to clip your bracelet to while working on it. Binder clip.  Beading needle if using small beads or regular needle if beads are larger and will go through hole of bead.

That’s just the teaser. The video where you can watch and learn while I make a new beaded wrap bracelet is with the production department now (No – it’s just me, myself and I who needs to put some cuticle cream on and get to work so you can see my hands up close)!  If you have not already, enter your primary email address to the upper right corner of this blog and you will receive an email when the video is live on the site.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to talk to me by clicking on the Leave a Comment hyperlink at the top of this post.  I love to hear from you and my response time is usually pretty good!



14 responses to “DIY Beaded Wrap Bracelet Success!

  1. Can you please tell me where do I get the supplies you have listed for this bracelet? thx Judy

    • Hi Judy. I don’t know where you live but online is going to be the best option for you most likely. You can also use leather cording for the framework but I get my waxed Irish linen from Royalwood, Ltd. and I would just Google Nymo thread and see what stores come up for you. It is a common beading thread and can be found at almost any beading store. The Czech beads I purchased online from Fire Mountain Gems but again, can be found numerous places online. Hope that helps! – Tracy

  2. Hi Tracy,
    I absolutely love this bracelet. I would like to make one exactly like it. I think the silver and gold is so elegant. I checked my local Michaels and couldn’t find the beads. Where did you purchase your Czech fire polished beads? There’s so many sources online it’s hard to know who’s reliable.


    • Thanks Shannon. I purchased mine from Fire Mountain Gems. At a quantity discount. They are super reputable and have tons of colors. If you want a volume discount and are not buying large quantity – try jet beads. They get you a great Fire mountain discount. You have to read on their site how it works.

  3. I just added your blog to the ‘just for fun’ blogroll category…

    I will be posting about the link as well…sometime later in the week.


  4. Hi Tracy,
    quick question sorry I should have posted this with your Irish waxed linen bracelet tutorial.. I was looking at my local craft store they only sell waxed linen. Is there a difference between Irish waxed linen and waxed linen? I bought waxed linen just because I couldn’t wait to try it out, but plan on ordering the real deal you suggest. looking forward to your new video also.

    • Hi Denise. It should work just fine. I have not seen waxed linen at my local craft stores. Irish waxed linen is high quality and comes in many different plys or thicknesses and colors! I have put a seperate tab on the top of my blog that has all the tutorials I have to date. The one I referenced as “coming in the future” is under that tab. – Tracy

  5. Mmy friends and I are planning to get together and make wrap bracelet soon. We have found everything online and are ordering the materials except for the buttons. We have been able to find some but we really like the ones you use, were do you get them?

    • Hi Shannon. That sounds fun! I get most of my buttons from fabric and sewing stores. At the time when I started making these bracelets the online jewelry supply stores had not yet picked up on the button closure craze. They are finally catching on and you see more and more buttons these days – but the sterling silver ones, forged bronze and handcrafted pewter are pretty expensive! So I have purchased them either at JoAnn Fabrics or GStreet Fabrics. Be sure to look out for coupons…. Any good fabric store should have a nice selection of buttons – better in the store than online usually. I have looked at online. They seem to have a good selection of metal buttons – but I have not ordered from them. Hope that helps! – Tracy

  6. Thank’s and success for you!

  7. Thanks Tess. You are right once you get set up and going they move along pretty fast. This one took some starting and stopping due to the 4mm size beads for exactly the reasons you mentioned!

  8. Oooh-la-la Tracy ~ I love, love your combination of materials! Gorgeous results ~ tres chic indeed, you could wear this with anything. Did you find it time consuming….b/c I thought they went along pretty quickly once you get started? And I love the pattern b/c it allows you to step away for those “Mom, where’s my….. and Honey, I can’t find my…..” moments!! :o)
    Can’t wait to see the video!

  9. michele helders

    I love this bracelet and can’t wait to try to make one.
    Right now I am snowed in and have no Irish linen thread. Poor me! You can bet I’ll be out looking for some as soon as I can get out of my driveway.

    • Sorry you are snowed in! I get mine online at Royalwood Ltd. They have the best color and ply selection. You can also use leather cord, waxed cotton, pleather, etc. You just can’t get the cool frayed ends.

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