Bracelets for Brinn

I have been on sick duty for the last few days.  My daughter Brinn, who is 3 years old,  has been battling an ear infection with a burst ear drum and then to add insult to injury, got a stomach virus as well this past weekend!  There have some sleepless nights recently but things are sure to turn around soon.

I have not had a chance to do any serious bracelet making lately but I am working with Brinn today on a few bracelets to cheer her up.  In the moments when she is feeling well enough,  she has fun stringing some of her own beads on stretch cord.  She really has amazing dexterity for such a little one and lots of patience to string those little glass beads. All I did was put the flower on half way through and tie and glue the knots in the stretch cord.  Maybe she has a future as a jewelry designer!

I made a waxed Irish linen bracelet for her with glass seed beads I’ve had forever, manufactured sea glass rondelles and a bright flower button closure.  Little girls are just too cute when they are wearing their own special jewelry!  One of my jewelry making goals for this year is to source some cute and unique beads and findings for little girls jewelry so I can make some really cool bracelet and necklace designs for little girls.  If you have a little girl or know one you can make jewelry with, I hope this has given you a little inspiration for a cute bracelet making project.

Brinn looking tired but happy to be wearing her new bracelets!

Hope you and your families are well.



2 responses to “Bracelets for Brinn

  1. I love these little bracelets and I totally agree that your 3 yo has remarkable hand-eye coordination to be able to string the beads herself. This would be a fun thing to do for my grandgirls! Thanks for the great idea.

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