Getting Inspired to Play with Color.

I was putting away and sorting some of the beautiful beads I got from ZNet yesterday.  I have been in the mood for color lately and I had not stocked up on my gemstone beads in awhile so I jumped online and I some color I got!  Znet has been great to order from and their customer service has been outstanding!

I ordered these colorful beads the other day because I have been feeling stuck in a color rut lately –  a lack of color rut.

My personal jewelry color palette is fairly understated.  Silver tones, brass, a little copper  – basically a warm neutral tone on tone feel.  Pieces that go with many things.   SO….. sometimes it is hard for me to design with color.  I am always very drawn to colorful jewelry pieces but I find it hard to use lots of color at times because I often second guess myself.  Another one of my –  Get Out of My Comfort Zone –  design goals for 2011 is to practice using more color in my jewelry designs.

Here is a bracelet I just made using lots of my new gemstone beads.  Two things are very different for me.  Gold tone and color!  It has a bit of an exotic feel to it.

This bracelet has aquamarine chips, yellow calcite, red coral nugget, faceted red crystal, matte gold Czech glass, faceted new jade rondelles, turquoise howlite rondelle,  gold plated jump rings and gold plated clasp.

My Color Inspirations

For years I have been amassing a huge clip file full of things that have colors in them that make me happy or just make me say “WoW- That is Different”!   The file has grown out of control so I have started to post them in a big collage above my design desk.  I am going to try to add, remove and move them around on my wall.   I have pictures of  favorite fabrics, scarves, pottery, furniture, scrapbook papers and artwork as well as jewelry that is very different in style from the jewelry I typically make.  I have also just printed out the Pantone Color Forecasts from Fire Mountain and I am going to keep them in viewing distance as well.  I am hoping these new beads and actually using my inspiration pictures helps me see the world through more colorful lenses and breaks me out of my tone-on-tone world!

Do you love color –  but find it challenging to design with?  What do you do to get inspired to use different colors?  Let me know in the Leave a Comment link above this post  – I love to hear how other’s creative process works!



One response to “Getting Inspired to Play with Color.

  1. I haven’t bought from Znet in a while. You got some cool things!

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