Braided Irish Linen Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

After many requests,  I have just completed a video tutorial showing you how to make waxed Irish linen wrap bracelets.   Here are some bracelets I’ve made for myself.

Post Production Notes:

The small 3mm beads are sterling silver plated.  I buy them in quantity from Fire Mountain.  The faceted silver beads in the bottom black bracelet pictured above are Czech crystals in a 4mm size which are readily available at any bead store with Czech crystals.

I hope this video inspires you to make your own sparkly Irish linen bracelets for  yourself or to give as gifts.  Wouldn’t a red or pink one be cool for Valentines Day?  You can even add little charms in the weave to make it extra special. Endless Possibilities…

Go have fun and Make Bracelets!




29 responses to “Braided Irish Linen Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

  1. So awesome. I’ve been making bracelets like this with crochet, but could never manage to figure out how to get the beads to stay on one “side” – the cord just twists around when you crochet it. The answer is I was using the wrong technique!

  2. Michelle Meder

    Have you tried the c-lon nylon cord that is used for micro macrame for your bracelets? It seems inexpensive, comes in different gauges, and lots of colors. I wonder if it might be a good alternative to Irish linen to try! Thanks!

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  4. You are welcome! Thanks for writing and letting me know Julie – that means a lot to me.

  5. Hi, I really wanted to thank you! I am an exchange student in Vermont, coming from a big city, living in the middle of the nature was not easy. After the ski season was over I had not a lot on my hands, but than I found your website that really inspired me. Since one month ago I made tons of bracelets and I have to say, it is so much more expensive than you would think but I love it. I never got so many positive comments on jewellery and this time I made them all myself, what even is a bigger compliment. Making all those bracelets made me forget how much I miss my city. So thank you for inspiring me! – Julie

  6. Hi Tracy,
    Yup, it’sme again.
    I made a wrap bracelet with faceted round stone beads. Simple like your turquoise azure one. It wrapped 5 times, I used stainless 49 strand soft drape accuflex beading wire. As I suspected it snapped when finished from the tension. What are you using? Thanks for all your help!

    • Hi Cindy. That stinks! I just used a Soft Touch micro stainless beading wire and crimp tubes near the clasp for the azure bracelet. It can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. It seems I am using crimp tubes and beading wire less and less these days but this bracelet has that. Good luck!

  7. I got mine at Fire Mountain too. I think it is a B.

  8. Thank you, No one carrys it locally.
    I’m not sure how I missed it on Fire Mountain! What gauge are you using for the nymo? I see D, B, 0, 00 is listed on their site.
    Thanks again!


    • Hi Cindy. If you Google “Nymo thread” it brings up many places that sell it online. It is a strong nylon coated beading thread that does not twist and get knotted up as easily when you are working with it. It could be replaced with another thread as long as it is a very strong one. If you don’t want to purchase online then you probably could find it at a local bead store.

  10. Hi I am sorry, I just noticed I commented on the wrong video, I was talking about to one on youtube (, hopefully I am not to confusing, I love those beads !
    Julie x

  11. Hi, I loved your video. It took me hours to look around on the internet and finally I found the bracelets I wanted to make. I`ve never made bracelets before, so this is all really new for me. I am trying to find everything on the internet at this point.
    So far I found some waxed irish linen on ebay, and nymo thread on amazon, but I am not sure what kind of needle I actually need to buy and do you have advice for a store where I can buy beads that aren’t the most expensive and that I can buy in small amounts??? Thank you , Julie x

    • Hi Julie. Head to a Michaels or JoAnn Fabric, AcMoore or whatever your local craft store is. Get a Beadalon beading needle and they will have a few isles of beads that you can buy on sale or with a store coupon. You can choose whatever bead you like for these. Just make sure they are not bigger than 6-8mm size as bigger does not look as good and are a little heavy for the cord.

  12. Thank you so much for letting us view your beautiful work. I am wondering where you got the Waxed Irish Linen?

  13. I love these bracelets. Thank you for sharing. Could you please tell me where to find a cute button like your flower button. I have looked at the fabric stores in my area with no luck. Thank you.

    • Hi Mary. That flower button is not from a fabric store….. Most of mine are. That is a Thai silver button that I found at Fire Mountain Gems. I am not sure of the price right now. I bought them when silver pricing was not as high as it is right now…. Search on Thai silver buttons.

      • Mamacita Beadworks has really cute handmade cast pewter buttons that might be cheaper than sterling/Thai silver. I got a free one with an order of a pendant. You can find them on Etsy. Etsy also has a huge selection of vintage buttons, which are fun. Check out the etched mother of pearl ones too. I just found this blog… LOVE IT, Tracy!

  14. Hi Tracey,
    Count me in on the bracelet giveaway! I just discovered your website last week and you’ve inspired me to try making a few things…love your tutorials! I just need the supplies now!!

  15. michele helders

    I would but my daughter came to pick up her children and saw the bracelet and well you guessed it , it is now hers! I’ll just have to make another one. Oh, but isn’t there a football game later today? It just might have to wait until tomorrow.

  16. michele helders

    Hi Tracy, My Irish linen thread finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to make a bracelet. I can’t believe how easy it was for the wonderful result you get. I am a little concerned about the loop that the button goes thru. It seems a little flimsey to me. Have you had any trouble with this breaking or wearing? Thanks for all your great ideas!

  17. Very nice! I’m super obsessed with these bracelets! Thanks to you I can now make my own beaded wrap bracelet and now a braided bracelet. Please make tutorials on how to make bracelet using different knots and how to add beads. How to add beads to a square knot?

  18. Your bracelets are always gorgeous. My daughter and I are going to try a few of your videos out and see how we make out!!

  19. Thanks Michele. Ok – measuring the hole. It looks like the hole is about 1mm in size. The beads you can get from Michaels seem to have a slightly bigger hole than the ones from Fire Mountain. Maybe 1.5 mm? The ones from Michaels go on the 7 ply thread. At least the ones I have purchased at my local store. So, I would guess that the holes you get from any silver plated bead would at least by the 1mm size and should work on the 4 ply. I can’t imagine a metal bead having s smaller hole than that. Hope that helps. – Tracy

  20. michele helders

    Love this bracelet! What size hole does the 3mm bead need to have for the 4 ply waxed linen thread?

  21. Emily is up stairs now making your silver Irish bracelet, after listening to your video. ~ thanks a bunch ~ BB

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