Memory Wire Bracelet with Ugandan Paper Beads

My Ugandan paper beads arrived yesterday from Outreach Uganda.  I’m excited because they are the tiny ones like the kind that Stephanie Wells used in her wire wrap earrings I featured in this post.  The beads appear larger in my photos below than they really are.

I decided to make a memory wire bracelet with them.  I ran out of energy and creativity to do anything more with them yesterday – but could not wait to use these beads!
I am glad I didn’t try to get too fancy with them because I think the beads really speak for themselves and make a wonderful statement all on their own.


This bracelet looks like it was a breeze to make but I had to fight quite a few of these little guys to get them on the memory wire.   Some of the varnish used to give the beads their pretty, shiny coating was partially covering some of the holes. In the end, it was worth the extra effort!

How to Make Memory Wire Bracelets

* I used an oval sterling silver plated memory wire.  I like the way an oval feels on my wrist better than the circular ones.

* I cut off enough wire so it would wrap around my wrist three times. Be sure to use a strong wire cutter on the memory wire and not your good flush cutter!

*I strung on the paper beads in an organized “random” pattern and mixed in some Tierra Cast silver heishi disks.

*There are two ways to finish a memory wire bracelet.  I used memory wire end caps that are only drilled on one side and I glued them with Hypo Cement.  If you don’t have memory wire beads or a really steady hand for detail glue placement you can create a small loop on either end of the wire with your round nose pliers to hold the beads on. Then if you would like to decorate further you can add a dangle in the loop.  If you are selling your pieces, there is a risk that the end caps can pop off even with plenty of glue.  The safest route for the least possible customer service issues would be making loops.

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8 responses to “Memory Wire Bracelet with Ugandan Paper Beads

  1. Lovely! Im so addicted to memory wire… 🙂 im starting to make some Bracelets and Jewelry myself Nice Blog following your Blog. Twitter @LuxuryAri

  2. Hello Tracy!
    I am so glad to have stumbled upon your blog are amazing, I am thankful you are so willing to share your information and talent with everyone here..I am very inspired to get busy making some bracelets, I especially am inspired to purchase supplies from the organizations you mention that help women in other countries. Thanks again! Denise

  3. I love this bracelet and have never worked with memory wire. Is it possible to see a picture of the end to see how it’s finished. I can’t visualize it. Thanks!

    • Hi Kelly. There is a picture of it – but it blends in (which is the point and it is very small). Look at the bottom left picture in the photo grid. Click on the picture and then click on it again to zoom in and you can see a round bead on the end of the wire. That is the memory wire bead I talk about in the article. It is half drilled on one side. It is very tiny and a little fussy to work with but it has a nice look. It is glued on with GS Hypo Cement. Hope that helps! -Tracy

  4. The beads are beautiful and I love what you did with them. Did you specify the colors (i.e., no blues or purples) or did you just get what you got? Either way, it’s pretty terrific!

  5. Hi Tracy, I love the bright colors in this bracelet. Thanks for sharing your creation. Very nice- simple and stunning.

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