International Gem & Jewelry Show Goodies

This past Friday I went to an International Gem and Jewelry Show.  It was really close to my house so I could not pass it up.  I had a short list of  necessities in mind, a few things I needed to add some additional bling to my Jewelry Accord projects but I mostly just wanted an excuse to get away from my desk for the day and take a friend with me to walk amongst the beads.  I was able to stock up on some nice stones.  Nothing too unusual  – mostly things I will use – except all the purple?!  I did not have much and now I have lots… more than is pictured here.   I was trying to match a cool ribbon – it didn’t work out.

I have always loved real gemstones and rocks of all kinds really.  I was a rockhound as a little girl and that has never changed  – the type of rocks – ahem… the cut and clarity … has changed a bit.  : )  I used to be able to sit for hours as a kid and hunt for fossils, arrowheads, assorted quartz crystals and other stones in the corn fields surrounding my home in rural southern Wisconsin where I was raised.   Every camping trip we took across the country, I would take as an opportunity to find a new local stone from the area to add to my collection.   I would read books about how certain stones were formed, where they came from, and what they were made out of.  I pride myself to this day at being well versed in the names and most of the alternate names of pretty much any stone you can make into a bead.  So I kind of geek out at these shows a little …

I also wanted to get some silver beads and chain.  Alas, silver hit a 30 year high on Friday so the silver was just a big tease.  Tables of beautiful chunky silver beads calling my name.  Luring me to touch them, quietly urging me to take them home –  even though they knew they were way out of my price range.  Naughty silver beads…  I just ended up with a few sterling findings and clasps that I really needed.  Way too conservative I am…

A neat part of the show was getting to meet Cindy Wimmer and Jeanette Blix Ryan.  These wonderful ladies are greater Washington DC area jewelry artists and they both happen to live about  25 miles from me.   It is always fun meeting others with similar creative obsessions and a big bonus when they don’t live far away!

I’m guessing the next show I attend will be Bead & Button this June in Milwaukee.  Even more stones to oggle at along with cool artbeads and all the other goodies you don’t find at a gem show.  I’ll be looking forward to meeting more familiar faces from my blogosphere there.

Have a good week!



4 responses to “International Gem & Jewelry Show Goodies

  1. Tracy, it was really great to meet you!!! I am so happy to find another kindred soul right here in the DC area…and hope that all 3 of us can get together soon. I think we’ll have so much to talk about, with so much in common…right down to our 8 year old sons. 🙂

  2. I hope to meet you there, Tracy!
    I suppose hailing from Southern Wisconsin you likely spent time at Cave of the Mounds. That place is a rock hounds delight! I loved sluicing for the stones in the water. So fun! I am excited to meet Cindy and Jeanette next month in DC. I wish there were a big bead show at the same time! Hope to see you in June! Enjoy the day. Erin

    • Cave of the Mounds brings back memories! I need to take the kids there next time we go back to visit. You must be going to one of their classes next month. Have fun – I am sure it will be awesome!

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