Leather Bracelets – Suede

Mmmmm suede leather bracelets.  Simple, laid back and oh so comfortable to wear.

I made these bracelets with a 5mm real suede lace in a red brown color.  The suede also comes in a flat lace and a split lace.  I prefer the real suede lace because it comes in a 5mm width and it it has a 1mm thickness – which is perfect for tying knots and just heavy enough without being too bulky like a split suede.  I purchased most of my leather from Leather Cord USA.  They have been super quick to ship and replaced a bad spool of leather for me, no questions asked and without requesting I mail the bad roll back.  I really value good customer service!

Unique Technique: I used a leather punch to make the holes in the bracelet above.  Then, I threaded some teal waxed Irish linen through the holes and knotted it to make the connection to the sterling silver Tree of Life bracelet bar purchased at Cathy Dailey.

There are many different ways to finish and terminate your leather.  For these bracelets, I created adjustable closures.  They can be made by simply stringing a large hole bead on both ends of the leather.  You can knot the ends of the suede if you don’t have a really snug fit with the bead you have chosen.  My bead was snug- it was a challenge to string on – but still allows for enough adjustment to slip the bracelet on and off.   In the second bracelet, the ring on the S hook was just the right size for a tight fit when I threaded both pieces of suede through.

There are endless ways to use leather for making bracelets.  I’ll be showing you more possibilities in the future with different closures and finishes because I have a box full of leather lace and cording in all different sizes and colors just waiting to be used.

Hope this provides some inspiration to incorporate suede lace in your jewelry designs. Have a great weekend!



10 responses to “Leather Bracelets – Suede

  1. Those are GREAT! I always have a hard time finding something to make closures snug. I have a necklace made with suede with an adjustable closure, and the pedant is heavy, and I guess it was just right because it never moves! I just don’t get lucky that often!

  2. Hey Tracy, when you made the second bracelet how did you attach the hook end? Did you tie a knot or use glue? I just wondered how you secured it so it would not come loose.

    • It is just threaded through the hole in the S hook. It happens to be just the right fit. This allows it to be adjustable and move a little back and forth so that you can get it on and of your wrist easily and still have a snug fit. It you were to leave longer tails, you could tie knots on the ends, if you have a connection that was not as snug and you were afraid you were going to loose it.

  3. Thanks once again for a wonderful bracelet idea. I love the look of these and the endless possibilities.

  4. Hi Tracy,

    Love the suede bracelets. What kind of silver bead did you use as a closure on the first bracelet and where did you purchase it?

    I live in Hawaii and getting supplies for my work is challenging.


  5. According to predictions, leather is hot this year … and you’re definitely showing some fine examples of why that is! These are so attractive!

  6. Tracy, I LOVE what you do with leather!!! I’ve been in to leather lately and don’t use it often. I stocked up on leather and a few tools over the summer, time to break them out. I did add a teeny bit to my Bead Soup Blog Party necklace…it’s got a southwestern look going on. 🙂
    Thanks for all of the leather info. If we ever get a bead group together, we’re gonna ask you to lead us in a mini class,’K?

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