Floral Wrap Bracelet

I’ve been experimenting with different styles of wrap bracelets lately, trying to incorporate uncommon elements in my designs.  Many have landed in the UUFO pile.  (UGLY UN-FINISHED OBJECTS)

But – here is one of the more unique wrap bracelets I’ve made lately that I can show you.  This floral trim has been in my collection for awhile (I don’t sew – but I love ribbon and trim).    Spring has been on my mind so I went searching in my stash for springy elements to use in a bracelet and this trim jumped out at me amongst a sea of ribbons and other assorted fibers.

I’m not normally a flowery kind of girl and I don’t do much purple… But this wrap bracelet looks neat with jeans – which I do wear almost every day!  So here it is: “Spring Garden Party”.

Nothing complicated.  Floral fabric trim, chalcedony squares, 6/0 seed beads, petite sterling chain, 6mm jump rings, silver ribbon ends, large sterling lobster clasp, silver wire and lots of wire wrapped dangles.

Seriously – if anyone has tricks on how to take great pictures of bracelets while on your wrist – please let me know.  I find it one of the more frustrating photos to take – which is why you never see me wearing my bracelets on this blog.

The light plays and shines on the petite silver chain and the dangles move in really neat way on this wrap.

Try using ribbons, fabric trim and other fibers in your bracelets.  It’s an easy way to get a simple burst of color around your wrist!

Have a good week!



5 responses to “Floral Wrap Bracelet

  1. Hi there!, please, see my bracelets pics, I use natural light. Is a little bit hard to hold your camera (I use easy mode in the camera, try to hold your camera as far as you can from your wrist, so the picture can be modified (closer) I hope this can help.
    My web page: thedonjuanlegend.etsy.com

  2. That’s funny – I will have to go find the post. It is pretty true! Except for a lucky few who are able to get just the right light, angle, have a recent manicure/ spa exfoliation and and be a whiz with photoshop to erase all the age spots and freckles! Or, I suppose if you are below 40 and have avoided the sun like a super model… you don’t have to worry about all that. I will say that Lorelei Eurto takes nice pictures of herself wearing her creations and they are great!

  3. Sally Anderson

    It’s funny you write this now. Kate McKinnon has just written about how bad it is to take pictures of your skin while showing your jewelry. I’m not writing that as eloquently as she did but she was pretty funny on the subject. But I think your photo is just great as is! Cute bracelet!

  4. Beautiful, fresh and springy! I love the textural contrast also…really pretty!

  5. Hi Tracy
    You are really thinking out of the box , what a unique design! Your new bracelet is very pretty and perfect for Spring. I like the way you incorporated dangles here and there. I have no ideas for you for your wrist shots – I’d imagine using a self timer. I don’t usually show pictures of my bracelets worn as I’m far from a hand model! 🙂 I like to add snippets of ribbon as well – it really does give the piece a nice textural element.

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