Snow Flowers

A flower grows beneath a blanket
Of fine and purest white
It yearns for the sun for warmth to find it’s true delight.

A fresh blanket of SNOW fell on Northern VA last night.  I caught some photos in various stages of it’s rapid melting this morning. Enjoy!   – Tracy


3 responses to “Snow Flowers

  1. Tracy, your pictures are really pretty! Somehow it looks as if you had even more snow that we did. Either that or you were outside very early! And my what a beautiful garden you have.
    I hope you had a nice weekend with your guests! 🙂

  2. Gorgeous photos! I was so surprised to have to wipe off my windows on Sunday!

    THANK YOU for stopping by the booth this weekend!!!!

  3. So sad to see spring covered like that 😦
    Having said that, it still looks beautiful 🙂

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