Straight from Las Vegas

SHINY Objects are hard to resist!

Have you noticed all of the glitzy rhinestones showing up in fashion jewelry these days?  Necklaces, earring, bracelets  – you name it, there seems to be some use of sparkly rhinestone chain in the mix of materials.

If you know me, I am not an overly “blingy” kind of girl – I do enjoy a little flash every now and then, but I intentionally bring it down a notch and take something considered dressy or flashy and combine it with something that makes it decidedly casual and more understated.  I like that kind of contrast – and it fits my very casual lifestyle these days.

I just had to experiment with some rhinestone chain because it seemed so perfectly suited to making bracelets.  I did some research on Austrian crystal chains – which are the higher quality, more sparkly version of rhinestone chain.  I ended up ordering from Las Vegas Rhinestone.  I just figured – where else would I want to order rhinestones from – other than Vegas Baby!   I am still working on the closures and have a few more ideas for how to use the chain.  Luckily, I have more to play with.

Here are a few pictures of my prototypes – I think they’re fun.  At least they don’t make me think Elvis or a tacky 1970’s beauty pageant (which is what I would normally associate with rhinestone chain).

Happy Friday.  I hope your weekend brings you a little “Sparkle” !


11 responses to “Straight from Las Vegas

  1. would love to see a how to or purchase one from you

  2. These are really unique!


  3. Love it, want to see more

  4. Oooh, I really like them! I’ve seen the new rhinestone chain on sites such as Ornamentea. For me, I’ve always just used vintage rhinestone chain that I’ve taken from old necklaces….always on the hunt for old rhinestones when I’m out antiquing. I agree, it’s really a nice contrast to add a bit of bling to otherwise casual elements.

  5. Kerrie (Australia)

    What a fabulous idea! I totally love your ethos of bringing “pretty” down a notch.

  6. Very nice! Would love to see a how-to on them!
    ~Melissa (in snowy PA)

  7. Thank you for sharing, braclets look divine may try this sometime soon.

    Paula C (BC, Canada)

  8. awesome! i totally want one!

  9. These. Are. Awesome. I would NEVER have thought of that. You rock.

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