Oxidized Silver Bracelet

Oxidizing the once very shiny sterling silver in this bracelet took a simple design and made it much more interesting by creating a sharp contrast to the shiny gold filled jump rings and the faceted aquamarine barrels.

How to Oxidize silver

I am waiting for my liver of sulpher gel to come in the mail.  I have learned that the gel form of liver of sulfer is non-flammable, there is no dry inhalation hazard associated with it, and it has a much longer shelf life than the solid liver of sulpher.  It is also referred to as “Extended Life Gel”.

Patience is not my virtue and I really wanted to oxidize this silver chain so I used common household bleach to oxidize today.  Just pour some bleach in a glass bowl, swirl around for a few seconds, remove and rinse. Bleach works very fast like liver of sulphur but it gives a less uniform oxidation.  In my case, I did not really care about uniformity so I just did it.

You can also use hard boiled eggs – once again, the sulphur gas given off by a hard boiled egg will oxidize your silver.  It takes about 4 eggs (warmer the better) smooshed up in a baggie for this little amount of silver and more time than the bleach.  Then of course, you have the pleasure of cleaning the egg off of your piece.  Like the bleach,  you generally do not achieve an even oxidation.  But,  everyone has eggs and it is a good natural alternative if you are patience challenged like me and just can’t wait another minute to oxidize some metal!

Wow – it was 85 degrees here in Northern VA today!  kids were off of school…  made me think of summer.  Back to reality and a high of 57 tomorrow.


6 responses to “Oxidized Silver Bracelet

  1. I live near a very sulfur-y hot spring, and everytime I go there, my silver gets nicely oxidized…but it wears off. Which is good for my silver jewelry that I want to stay silver, but I like this look and am wondering if the oxidation won’t wear off if I use these techniques?

    • Hmmm Interesting. First of all – lucky you. I wish I lived near a sulphur spring. How great! I have not heard of the oxidation wearing off. I have not had an issue with the oxidation coming off for me when I oxidize it myself – unless it gets rubbed with something abrasive.

  2. Very cool and easy. Thanks!

  3. The bracelet is fab!
    And, thanks so much for all the oxidation info. It’s one of those things that I really want to try, but just am not there yet. Your instructions were clear and easy. Again, thank you!

  4. PS — Tracy email me about the 7000 bracelets hop — I don’t have your email!

  5. That looks awesome! And I have the gel and LOVE it.

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