Stylish Jewelry Display & Storage Idea

Here’s an idea for a stylish jewelry display for those of you that want to store or display your  jewelry with an artistic flair and have it easily accessible.   I have finished one and I have three more to go!

I purchased  large frames from Micheals when they were 60% off last week + 25% off coupon (very cheap for large frames – hence the purchase of 4 of them).  I bought some inexpensive burlap (it has large enough holes to fit earring wires) in two different neutral colors and some corkboard on a roll from Staples.  I removed the glass and glued the corkboard on the backer board of the frame and trimmed the edges. Then, I cut the burlap to fit with a little overlap, ironed it and fit it over the corkboard and stapled it around the edges. I put the frame back together without the glass and that was it!

I am still working on figuring out how to completely iron out all the fold marks out of the burlap.  Who knew that burlap was so tough to iron!   I also need to pull the burlap a little tighter (but not too tight) around the back of the frames.

I am also shopping around the net for cool map pins, stick pins, etc. that are not too long and that don’t distract from the jewelry.  Right now, I am using plain head pins to tack up my jewelry because office supply push pins are definitely not pretty enough!

At least three of these cork board frames will go down in my studio room.  The walls desperately need something on them!  This will allow me to be inspired by my finished pieces, some UnFinished Objects as well as other elements I can tack up and always be in sight when I need a little creative juice.

You can use large frames or you could do this on a smaller scale by using smaller frames,  mix it up by using different frame styles, antique frames or different colors of burlap…. So many fun possibilities!

What neat ways have you found to display or store your jewelry?


5 responses to “Stylish Jewelry Display & Storage Idea

  1. Tracy, This is great! Thanks for sharing. I have a good friend that could really use this, but the other ideas I’ve found online didn’ t look as sophisticated as this one does. This is more “her”.. think I’ll give it a try when I get home from my business trip. For the wrinkles, have you tried spray starch? I find it helpful when I’m ironing something with really stubbon wrinkles.

  2. Hi! Yes I did find the burlap at JoAnn’s… My local store had about 4 or 5 colors.

  3. Tracy, I love this idea. I have been meaning to make an inspiration board for some time but never get around to it. I love the look of the burlap, or maybe linen. I keep holding out for the right antique frame, but should just buy a ready-made frame and move on! Did you find the burlap at JoAnn’s?
    Thanks for the tips!

  4. Great idea! I love making my own displays and you’ve given me some great inspiration! I have an old bulletin board I could just cover with burlap or plain fabric.

  5. Great ideas Tracy! I did something similar with a backless frame that was meant to be used to pretty up a digital photo frame. They were on extreme markdown so I snagged a couple, used cup hooks on either side and some fishing wire tied tight, and then you can hang earring cards on them! Thanks for sharing your fun project. Enjoy the day!

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