Would you like a little leather with your bracelet?

I like leather.  Leather shoes, leather handbags, leather portfolios, leather embellishments, you name it, if it’s leather – I’m just drawn to it.   So naturally, I like to use leather in jewelry designs, especially when I make bracelets!  I like the feel and the bit of laid back, rustic luxury it can add to a design.   However, at the same time, I don’t like the leather to take over the piece so it looks  too “Cowgirl”.

I have been swimming in a sea of leather lately…  Boxes of the stuff.  It’s pretty cool.   I’m working on a fun leather project.   But, the piece pictured below is really just a fancy chain bracelet with just a little “glimpse of leather”.    There will be more jewelry designs with more leather to show you in the future!

I stamped the leather with a tiny butterfly stamp and I punched a hole in each side of the jump ring with a rotary leather punch and attached the jump rings.

Tip: If you punch a hole in leather – especially suede, and want to use bright silver findings, it will likely oxidize the sterling or silver plated findings or wire when attached directly to the leather. This is due to the treatment of the leather. It is better to attach already oxidized silver and plan on oxidation as part of your design. If the silver does not directly touch the leather, it will not oxidize any faster than usual.

Have a wonderful weekend!


6 responses to “Would you like a little leather with your bracelet?

  1. I love this bracelet, Cowgirl goes the big city look! that’s cool to me!
    I could make this work with a lot of my outfits, I do wear boots most of the time, so yes it has my vote

  2. Tracy, what a great bracelet – with so many different elements, it is such an eye-catcher! Thanks for all of the tips – will keep them in mind!
    Have a nice Easter weekend! 🙂

  3. Timely post! I’m in a leather phase, too, smaller scale than you are, but I loved the bracelet and your leather focal. Thanks for the oxidizing tip, wouldn’t have known, and silver looks so great with any leather.

  4. I think the leather on your bracelet looks amazing… the way you put it together rocks!

  5. You truly are a talent. This is a lovely piece

  6. Gorgeous! I like to use leather cord (note to self: buy more!). I am smitten with the bright colors lately. This little butterfly is too cute! And great tip on the oxidation. Thanks!
    Enjoy the day!

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