For The Birds!

“Where oh Where Has my Creativity Gone and Where oh Where Can I Find it?…”  

That’s the tune I have been humming in my head for the last few days.

With the kids being of out school last week, lots of weird weather and my yearly spring push to get in better shape because I sat too long on my butt all winter and made jewelry,  I have been distracted and not highly motivated to head down to my dark studio room (in the basement – with no windows) to create much of anything.  I have tried.  I sit down, I pull some things out, it just has not been happening.

But not to worry!  I may have turned a corner this morning.  I guess I just needed a little comedic relief and I must share!

I had a big laugh when I watched this video from a post on Cloth Paper Scissors on the Interweave website, written by Jenn Mason.    I am sure all you creative people can relate who LOVE , OR HATE  the use of birds in jewelry and mixed media art.  Birds are everywhere.  They are all over Etsy, every handmade jewelry magazine you flip through and every jewelry supply store.  They are definitely hot,  if not a little overused (the comedic point of this video).   I personally like birds and the beauty and freedom they represent.  I even bought a bird and nest charm and a bird stamp just last week!

Watch the video. It’s only 1:41 minutes long.  If you’ve seen it – watch it again.  It will still give you a chuckle.  It’s from the IFC series called Portlandia.

Hope your creativity is flowin’ and guess I am going to go “Put a Bird On It” and see what happens next!


6 responses to “For The Birds!

  1. Tracy, I like birds too! But I agree, they are kinda over used. Kind of like how crowns and wings are everywhere in mixed media art. This video was absolutely hilarious! Thanks for a good laugh today.

  2. I am guilty of excessive bird love; that video could be me. SAD, I know!!

    Where did you find the darling charms and the stamp? They are darling.

  3. My creative flow has gone into unpacking! Who in the world needs all this stuff ??? I get creative when I find more things to fit into smaller places. I look forward to getting my creative side out thats not tied to a cardboard box~ Bevin in Houston

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