Works in Progress: Bead Table Wednesday

It’s Bead Table Wednesday, an idea created by Heather Powers of Humble Beads encouraging everyone to share some pictures of their work space and some words about the projects they are working on.  This is the first time I have participated!  You can check out the BTW Flickr Group and see what others are working on too by clicking on the badge above.

As I think I have mentioned before, my studio room is subterranean.  A true “Mom Cave,”  it’s in the basement, with one tiny window that is under a deck and there is no natural light!  I never take photos down in the studio because I don’t like using my light box.  My work space is pretty utilitarian and largely undecorated- kind of uninspiring, but it works for me!  I love to peruse the pages of Where Women Create and dream about the potential for my creative space.  The goal is to have my “Mom Cave” organized and decorated to inspire by the end of the August.  I look forward to sharing!

For now…  Here are pictures of my works in progress that try to spare you of too much blank wall space in the background.

Beautifully colored leather scraps I am working with to make bracelets and other jewelry components.

 Some bracelets waiting to get clasps and final detailing along with a few pairs of earrings I just made.

“Beads boxes all over the floor Wednesday”.  (These are usually stacked under my desk to the left of my chair).   I desperately need to get a system going where all my beads are easily in view and at hand.  Stacking them on a shelf or a table in color coordinated boxes is not doing it for me.  I am pretty sure most of the bead hoarders out there can relate!

That’s what’s on my bead table for today.    I hope your projects are going along well and your work space is “working”  for you!


4 responses to “Works in Progress: Bead Table Wednesday

  1. I love to chat with jewelry makers. you have some great organization from your different bead colors boxes, you rack for hanging the finished necklaces is great where is that from.

    • That is from an artsy gallery in Seattle in which I can not remember the name. I ordered online. You can Google “tree branch jewelry stands”. I think they come in silver too.

  2. Tracy, your studio looks like mine – not much color on the wall but it sure works! 😉 I think your bead bins are super organized – just look at all of those beads!!! …are you going to the next bead show that’s coming up??

  3. Very interesting BTW! I’m reaching for leather quite a bit lately too. Waiting to see the finished projects!

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