Leather Cord Bracelets

A few of my new everyday “Go To”  bracelets

This simple and rustic bracelet looks great with a t-shirt or almost anything you put it on with.   I used these pretty flower glue on end caps which fit all three strands of braided leather perfectly with a dab of GS Hypo Cement.  Leather from Leather Cord USA.  Large hole silver beads from Znet Shows.

Large hole Amazonite rounds from Cherry Tree Beads strung on leather and knotted.  Silver magnetic clasp – which makes this bracelet almost jump on my wrist all by itself.  Magnetic clasps are awesome for bracelets!

They both look great together.  I love to layer my bracelets!

I’m headed outside, where it is absolutely beautiful today, to plant the rest of my herb garden planters.  Enjoy the rest of your week!


20 responses to “Leather Cord Bracelets

  1. Michelle Meder

    Yes, that’s a great help. Thanks so much for your help and time. I have lots of ideas, but I get overwhelmed shopping (on-line)! For example, a million different clasps in a million different mm sizes! I love your designs and your blog. Thanks again!

  2. Michelle Meder

    Tracy, You mentioned that you use 1.5mm leather cord. I’m looking at end caps/cord ends/clasps like you’ve used for both bracelets on several websites. None of the websites explains what size to get, especially when you’ll be inserting 3 layers for a braided design. Could you help with that? Thank you!! I’m fairly new to jewelry making, and get overwhelmed trying to buy beads, leather, findings, etc!!

    • Hi Michelle. Yes it can be overwhelming. I would recommend starting off with the “fold over” or “crimping” type of end caps as they can be much more forgiving when it comes to sizing and can take several cords at a time. I still often use a tiny dab of glue before I fold them over just for extra insurance the cords will stay in there forever. Something around a 6×3 mm would work fine for several pieces of thin leather. Hope that helps. Buy some in copper, brass or silver plated metals to play around with a little to learn what sizing works for the type of pieces you are looking to make. That way, you won’t make a mistake with an expensive sterling silver one. Hope this helps!


  3. Thanks so much for this! What size leather cord do you use for these beautiful bracelets?

  4. Bonnie – do you mean the flower type buds like the end caps I used on this bracelet? I think I purchased these from Nina Designs. Hope that helps.

  5. Hi everyone…does anyone know where i could buy sterling silver buds? i need them for a bracelet that i’d like to start making…thanks! hope you are enjoying the weekend:)

  6. That’s really weird but I am wearing a leather bracelet like the second one pictured right now!

  7. Thank you so much, Tracy! I wanted to let you know that this is the first blog that I have joined and I am amazed and impressed how everyone shares their knowledge. I am so glad I found your blog:)

  8. Hi Bonnie. If you want full spools of it you can get it at http://www.Royalwoodltd.com – that is where I purchased most of mine. If you Google waxed Irish Linen – they come up first and have the best price for large spools. There are tons of other online stores that sell it as well. Etsy sellers sell smaller quantities. Also try http://www.Ornatmentea.com – they now have it too.

  9. Hi Ladies,
    Can anyone recommend a good website to buy Irish Waxed Linen? The crafts stores in my area don’t have any. Thanks!

  10. Very cool!

    BTW, I need to get your book back to you but can’t find your address — can you email that to me???

  11. Thanks:)

  12. Your pictures are also so well taken and clear. Do you use a professional camera or one with a great zoom option?

    • Thanks Bonnie! I use a Nikon D40x camera. I usually try to catch the best natural light I can get outside and I crop and adjust my photos usually in iPhoto on my Mac.

  13. Beautiful! The first one reminds me of rusted barb wire … which I love!

  14. Elizabeth Rodgers

    Aloha Tracy,
    Just a quick note to say I really enjoy your emails / blog!
    I loved the one you posted for Mother’s Day and I LOVE these bracelets. Hope you got your starter herbs in. Gardens and jewelry just seem to go together! Have a nice rest of the day.
    Warm regards~ Liz

  15. Love the bracelets. And they do look great together. I’m really into the leather look lately so I’ll definitely try this look.

  16. Thank you for sharing! These bracelets are just my style. I’m kind of new to this hobby and I have been enjoying making a few pieces here and there. One quick question from a novice…is Hypo Cement pretty reliable when it comes to keeping the pieces together? Thanks:)

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