The Survey Says…

You are all jewelry making obsessed junkies who spend lots of time playing with beads each week!  I mean that with love  – but…  You do on average spend many more hours making jewelry than I would have guessed.  I knew there was a reason I liked you all so much!

Thanks to everyone who took time to give feedback and comment.  Just over 200 of you filled out the survey which is about a 50% rate of completion! That is awesome.

I will give you more details on the survey data soon.  But for now – let’s see who won the “Get to Know You – Giveaway”!

Random Number Generator says lucky number 4!

 Congratulations Jill Mankin!

A pretty package containing a diverse selection of more than 20 different jewelry making items that I have selected from my private stash is on it’s way to you very soon.   Beads, silk, leather, charms, cord ends, clasps and more!

Thanks again to all who participated!


One response to “The Survey Says…

  1. Tracy, it looks like you learned some great information! And what a successful turnout! Congrats to lucky Jill! 🙂

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