Santa Fe – Here We Come!

I am excited to be getting the family ready to head out on an adventure to Santa Fe & Taos, New Mexico.   Indian reservations, studios, galleries and museums like crazy!  Bead stores and jewelry artists!  Oh and just as exciting, all the amazing food!

To get in the mood, I made a southwestern inspired bracelet, with a little twist.  I like how the knotted leather ends turned out.  I glued the knotted leather into a large silver magnetic clasp I’ve had around for a long time.   Then, I created a charm from a brass flower stamping that I colorized and riveted onto a hand cut leather backing.    I’ve been waiting for the right time to use those cool large fluted olive serpentine rondelles.  My picture taking skills are stinking lately.   This photo does not show the level of detail I would like you to see – like the turquoise patina on the flower pendant…  I did not have time to reshoot.

I am totally drawn to jewelry with rustic touches and I love turquoise – so I am sure I am going to be in heaven as I explore all the shops on the Plaza.  If anyone knows Santa Fe or Taos,   I would love any must do, see or shop tips you have for me.  Our itinerary is fairly free flowing at this point.  I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that the smoke from the fires burning in the region stay clear of Santa Fe!  I’ve been checking everyday.

Before I sign off, here is a rundown of the reader stats from the “Get to Know You Survey,” for those of you that expressed interest.

 – 64% of you make jewelry as a hobby and do not sell your jewelry. (Many in this category expressed interest in selling it eventually).
 – 16% of you sell jewelry and have done so for less than 3 years.
 – 16% of you sell jewelry and have done so for more than 3 years.
 – 02% of you teach jewelry making classes.
 – 04% of you sell beads or jewelry making supplies.  Mostly beads.
 – 11% of you are a combination of the above or gave me very detailed written descriptions of yourself.
 – 55% of you spend over 12 hours a month making jewelry.  22% of you spend more than 20 hours a month!
 – 54% of you take jewelry making classes or workshops of some form every year.
There were over 100 detailed written comments about yourselves and suggestions for tutorials or videos you would like to see.  I will not run out of ideas for a long time!

Thanks again for allowing me to get to know you better.


9 responses to “Santa Fe – Here We Come!

  1. Make sure to visit Tecolate Cafe for great breakfasts. Be sure to get the bakery basket with your breakfast -all in house made baked goods- yum! They were featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. It is a hole in the wall for sure-with great food & friendly service! Also be sure to see Wiford Gallery on Canyon Road. They have an amazing kinetic sculpture garden featuring the work of Lyman Whitaker, which is amazing! Travel safely & have a great time.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I could not get to my computer to respond but did read while I was away. We did see Wilford Gallery – loved it! My husband wants a kinetic sculpture for our anniversary – we’ll see. Did not get to Tecolate Cafe – maybe next time. I would totally go back!

  2. You’ll have a great time in New Mexico! I can recommend Gardeno’s restaurant, may not be spelled right, but it’s near the Market area, be sure to see that market also. I ate more fajitas than I thought possible at Gardeno’s, but we were on a ski trip so that was okay!

    Have fun!

  3. I will. Thanks Tammy!

  4. Yes, please! Lots of pictures!! I’d love to go there one day. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time. oh.. and as usual, thanks for sharing another gorgeous bracelet with us.

  5. I live between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The smoke has been drifting this way and you might see some in Santa Fe, but it is not as bad as it was the first few days of the fire. My favorite restaurant in Santa Fe is
    Los Potrillos 1947 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505 (505) 992-0550
    A MUST see is the Museum of International Folk Art. If you are going to be in Santa Fe between July 8 – 10 there will be the International Folk Art Market.

  6. Interesting stats! And I hope you take a LOT of pictures on your trip!

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