Amazing Adventure in Santa Fe and Taos!

We are home safe and sound from our New Mexican adventure or “babenture” as my three year old used to fondly label our travels.

Sadly, the fires burn on in the area and have devastated hundreds of thousands of acres including ancient Pueblo lands containing petroglyphs, rock paintings and have closed beautiful national parks.   We were fortunate in our timing and were totally spared from the smoke in Santa Fe and Taos.  We only experienced it from the car as we drove between destinations.  It was daunting.  I can’t imagine what it is like for the people who look at it outside their window everyday.

Saturday, July 9.  This is the same fire that had threatened Los Alamos Labs.

Aside from the fires, WOW is all I have to say to describe our trip.  I am working on about 4 hours of sleep right now so I’m sure I will think of more colorful words after I get some sleep.   If I could move to the Santa Fe area tomorrow, I probably would.  It is nicknamed the “City Different. ”  It has a very eclectic and interesting blend of people and cultures and of course great food!  I had a very similar feel in Santa Fe that I used to get when I lived in San Francisco.  I can definitely see me being at home there.

Santa Fe is the second largest art market outside of New york City and is estimated to have between 4,000 and 5,000 working artists that live and sell their work in the greater Santa Fe and Taos areas.  Every restaurant, shop, hotel and building you can enter contains original artwork of all kinds.  The creative energy is off the charts,  the landcape phenomenal and everything is eye candy.   I had a hard time putting my camera down.  As I sift through over 350 pictures (already whittled down once on the airplane), I will share a few photos of one of the most amazing streets I have ever been on. Canyon Road in Santa Fe.

Once a rural farm neighborhood along an indian trail, Canyon Road is home to 100 art galleries in about a 3 block stretch.  It is one of the most celebrated art districts in the country.  I met so many neat people and was able to spend hours and hours wandering the streets and little alleys while my husband so kindly entertained the kids at the pool.  (Shade, chair, emails & margaritas).

Amazing adobe buildings.

Gallerie Corazon was one of my favorites.  Incredible colors inside and out!

The artwork hung in plain air was just magical.

I could not get enough of the blue doors and trim said to protect home and ward off evil spirits in folkloric tradition.

World renowned Lyman Whitaker kinetic wind sculptures.

The amazing gardens combined with the art made for a very transcending experience.

I will probably make a few more posts about my trip.  I just have so much to share.  Next up –  what I know you all want to see- some of the jewelry!

Have a great week!


5 responses to “Amazing Adventure in Santa Fe and Taos!

  1. Tracy, what a fantastic trip and amazing experience for you and your family! The pictures are beautiful and full of vibrant color. I would have loved to spend a few hours wandering the streets and shops. Looking forward to your jewelry pics when you have time (and recover). 🙂 Lack of sleep? Sounds like my daily world…the life of a night-owl. 🙂

  2. Tracy, What a great trip! The shops and galleries look wonderful- love that architecture and the blue windows and doors. Thanks for sharing. I did a little shopping in a small marketplace similar in San Antonio 2 years ago. So fun. And yes, I am anxious to see the jewelry.

  3. Oh my, thanks for taking us with you. Your pictures are wonderful!

  4. Really enjoyed your story and photos! That is so devastating to hear about the fire. Look forward to more. I was there in March, no flowers, but your colors were delightful!

  5. I’m so glad you had a good trip. I will have to warn you, it took me 5 years to get moved out here after my first visit to NM, but once I experienced New Mexico, I knew I had to live here.

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