Handmade Jewelry from Santa Fe & Taos

Now for the jewelry part my art tour in Santa Fe & Taos.

I visited a handful of bead and mineral stores which were not too notable. Two stood out.  One was called Ritual Adornments in Santa Fe.  They have great photos on their website. There was another shop in Santa Fe that I was told was really unique.   My husband drove me over and it was closed!  It was Wednesday, our last day in Santa Fe.  I guess some stores close because it’s so quiet in the middle of the week.  So I missed out Gloriannas – which looked very funky and cool from the window.

I purchased only one piece of jewelry on this trip.  A really unique slim, kinetic studded bracelet from an awesome jewelry gallery in the Taos Plaza called Mesa’s Edge.  They don’t have a website!

It looks great layered with the waxed Irish linen sparkle wrap bracelets I have in brown.  I have a really hard time finding bangles or cuffs small enough for my wrist, so I was excited when this one fit!  I grabbed it right away.

The artist is  Gail Golden and her work is sometimes featured in the Sundance catalogue and many other galleries in the New Mexico.  She and her husband, a master metalsmith, live and have a studio in Taos.

We were able to tour the Millicent Rogers Gallery in Taos which has an amazing collection of native American jewelry, textiles and art.  Millicent Rogers was the granddaughter of a prominent New York oil mogul who inherited a massive fortune.  She was drawn to Southwestern style, moved to Taos late in her short life and quickly amassed a huge, stylish collection of Southwestern art and jewelry.  Here are a few shots of a small part of her very large jewelry collection.

Many other well known jewelry artists live in Taos & Santa Fe. It is a huge training ground for artists due to the highly regarded metal smithing schools and the huge support of the arts in general.  I would have loved to visit Naomi Herdon’s studio – another regular Sundance artist. It is high on Canyon road in Santa Fe,  in a building full of other artist studios. (Would that not be incredible?)  Unfortunately, they are not open to the public.  I really wanted to pop by and be a fly on the wall!

Lastly, I will leave you with a great shot of an antique wood manequin displaying some of the the work of Bittersweet Designs on Canyon Road.   I just love this manequin! She had several similar ones in her store.   I felt funny snapping pictures inside the stores, so I refrained.  If anyone has an idea of where to find something similar to this amazing manequin, or what the proper name is for this type of antique let me know!  I have been searching and can’t track any down – although I am pretty sure I’d have to choose between making a house payment or buying one…

Thanks for joining me on my jewelry tour!


5 responses to “Handmade Jewelry from Santa Fe & Taos

  1. I love southwestern jewelry but you have several very unique pieces here that are so unusual and gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your passion for handmade jewelry with all of us.
    Best wishes, Jennifer

  2. Oh my stars, I love this!
    The rings are amazing.
    Thanks for your inspirational blog 🙂

  3. Tracy, Your bracelet is to die for!! I wasn’t familiar with that artist in the Sundance catalog, how cool!! Very well-written and interesting post. Thanks for sharing. i would love to be a fly on the wall also, watching Naomi and any other artists in that area.

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