Crazy Day!

Ok – crazy day in the neighborhood!  I was going to write a post today about all the jewelry making I have been doing.  Instead my afternoon went like this:

Headed to Wegmans to pick up a prescription.   See tons of police cars gathering at the entrance gate to our neighborhood.  Ambulance, fire truck.  Big back up to get out of neighborhood, a big back up to get in.  Neighbors rolling down windows trying to find out what was going on.

I get closer to getting out of the neighborhood.  Lights flashing, cops putting on flack jackets, pulling out assault rifles only about 5 feet from where I am in my car.  (I live out in semi rural Virginia in a nice, quiet neighborhood).  More and more police cars streaming in.

I get out of the gate and head to Wegmans while I call my husband to tell him about the craziness unfolding.  He is waiting for a cab at our house to come to take him to the airport for a biz trip.  Cab not going to get in.   Start to hear helicopters circling.

Husband tells me to meet him in the parking lot right outside our neighborhood.  Cab also goes there to meet him.   An ambulance driver tells husband it is not safe to go back in the neighborhhod as there is a hostage situation in a home on the main road through our community.  At this point I have neither of my children with me.  They are in two different places in the neighborhood – but I know they are inside and safe.

Entire neighborhood is on lockdown.  Helicopters continue to circle.

Husband gets on the phone and starts to cancel his trip  “you won’t believe what is going on…. hostage situation in our community…  no we don’t live in a crack neighborhood.”  My head is spinning.  Apologize to cab driver who has been watching the insanity unfold.

Neighbors gather at Wegmans on the edge of our neighborhood because no one can get back to their homes.  We start speculating, sharing what we heard from emergency personnel, etc.

My son and his friends came with my neighbors to join us a Wegmans.  I felt better being together.  Daughter is still on other side of the neighborhood a very safe distance from incident.  It is best she stays there for now.

Kids have a great time.  Pizza, sodas. Hanging out upstairs in Wegmans.

1 1/2 hours pass.  Husband and friend say – “Hey I don’t hear the helicopter anymore.  Let’s go see if the baricades are down.”

To make a long story a wee  bit shorter.  It was a FALSE ALARM.  A FALSE ALARM!  WHAT ?!*   Still don’t have all the details – it looks like it was a prank call.   Don’t know where the call originated from but the police said they were able to trace down who did it.  I can see the house where the incident unfolded from my back deck.  Sheesh!

Glad it was a false alarm! Amazed it took so long to figure out it was a fasle alarm.  Still think where there is smoke there is fire.  Glad the police and swat team thoroughly checked it out and came out with guns blazing – so to speak.

Still sort of in disbelief.   It was scary there for a little while as I watched it begin to unfold.  Neighbors now all talking trying to get the story straight.

To top it off – it was my birthday.  Glad we celebrated yesterday!

Have a good week!  I’ll be back soon with some cool jewelry making stuff.


11 responses to “Crazy Day!

  1. Unbelievable! I’m glad everyone was safe, but to think it was a false alarm, that’s crazy!! This was one birthday you’ll never forget, right? Happy Belated Birthday!!

  2. Elaine Funderburk

    Well, Happy Birthday!

  3. Glad to hear everything’s okay and it was a false alarm! Hope the rest of your birthday month goes much smoother.

  4. That is some crazy birthday excitement, Tracy! Glad that it was just that. I know it must have been a horrible inconvenience but I would feel better knowing that there are such dedicated public servants out there willing to do what was necessary. But a prankster? Really? That is insane. That person needs to make amends for causing all this worry and anxiety, not to mention the expense of the police force.
    Hope you enjoy a much calmer day today!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. It is a crazy world we live in today. Makes you appreciate that the police consider your safety a serious issue. Happy Birthday too!!

  6. Happy Birthday to You!


  7. Happy Birthday, Tracy! Glad the trouble in the neighborhood wasn’t any worse and that everyone is safe and sound.

  8. Wow, that’s crazy! Happy Birthday. Thanks for all you post. Look forward to the email updates from you! You create beautiful art!

  9. Well, Tracy, that was excitement you didn’t need! Glad it was not a serious threat, sure gives us pause not to take our peaceful neighborhoods for granted, doesn’t it?! The emergency systems had a good practice run, that’s one way to look at it. But other people just don’t think of the consequences of their actions. Look forward to your “regular, quite day in the neighborhood” post!

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