Jewelry Making Purchase Diet.

I am putting myself on a jewelry making purchase diet for a month.  In other words, no new jewelry making stuff coming into the house (unless it organizes my existing jewelry making stuff).  It’s a nasty cycle isn’t it?  My focus will be on putting my jewelry making tools, supplies, various mediums and beads in sight and making them easily accessible so I can efficiently produce the multimedia pieces I want to – without making the place look like a bomb went off.  I am a technique and tool junkie.  I want to try it all, which is of course impossible.  But I sure give it a good try!  Which can lead to total disorganization both in my studio and in my mind.

We have some extra wood left over from a garage cabinet building project we did so I am hoping to put the left over wood to use down in my studio.  I won’t be doing the building, just the designing.  I would hate to mess up my tools.   winking emoticon

So, I have made a pact to use what I have.  I’ve decided to attack my wire stash first.  To use the wire, I have been making more of my own ear wires and trying to make some that are a little unique. Hammering and using fire is so therapeutic!

This earring wire shape was a little challenging for me, but I like how they turned out.  This shape helps to visually thin and elongate your face and I just love labradorites!   These are made from a silver filled 18 gauge wire.  I have been enjoying working with the silver filled wire.  It’s not as scary if you mess up and it still oxidizes, etc.

Here is a long pendant that I made out of 16 gauge copper wire that I hammered, stamped and oxidized.  Love the effect of an elongated necklace on a fine chain.  The cute silver bird is from Hip Chick Beads.

This diet is going to take some discipline!  Wish me luck.

Do you ever feel buried by your “stuff”?  Do you need to work and be creative in an organized space or does organized chaos suit your style?  Do tell!


15 responses to “Jewelry Making Purchase Diet.

  1. I my self have to go on a jewelry diet… I love to try everything.. there for nothing is in its place and things are building up.. thanks for the motivation to go through with it


  2. Great post…my husband says I’m addicted to all things sparkly in the beading world and and a beading diet sounds like a great idea. Oh my, I’m not sure how this is going to work out, but I have been trying to cut back on adding so many “sparkly” beads to my inventory. As for organization, wow now that’s a daily battle…some days I win and lots of days I don’t. That’s a tough one, I hope the wood project helps. I’ve tried bins, stackable storage trays, book shelves for the trays, tool box organizer (smaller ones), a tackle box or 2, and a small dresser with lots of drawers for storage. It all works great for awhile, until the inventory begins growing. Alas, that beading diet sounds better already!!

  3. I agree with you about ‘jewelry supply’ diets..but it is so hard!! i love finding new materials to use 🙂 Lately though, I have taken to re-organizing my stash and I am finding things I forgot I even had! It is a lot like shopping, lol!
    Love your blog and tutorials. I stumbled across one on YouTube~such fabulous info. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  4. Pretty new pieces, Tracy!! I have an order of silver-filled wire coming as well…I’m eager to try it as I miss working with sterling silver.
    I work in chaos because that is my everyday reality (not that I make jewelry every day – I wish!)…it is so hard to keep everything organized and returned to their places once I get started on a project. And you know how it is, rarely just one project going at once!

  5. Yes! Many times I feel that my “stuff” is going to avalanche down on me! I crave an organized work space and keep working slowly toward that goal. I always seem to have too much stuff and not enough space, part of the addiction, do you think? Hang in there with your bead diet. It’s only temporary 🙂 And look what you’ve done with current supplies, love those labradorite earrings and wires!

  6. This is such a timely post! I found your blog earlier this year and started creating beaded wrap bracelets and all sorts of little goodies that didn’t have to be ‘smacked around’ so I could let the ol’ elbow heal itself (blew it out after hammering way too many earring wires).

    Well, one thing let to another and I purchased tons of fabrics, leather, ribbons, cords – and of course a Ba-Zillion more beads – and now I’m up to my eye-balls in new supplies and I too have vowed to go on a ‘supplies diet’ until at least the end of summer! It’s been going well. No withdrawals yet – but I’m only a handful of days into this new diet! It has sparked some new creativity inside me, that’s for sure!

    Organization is something I tackled right before summer and is a must for me (Organize and Re-Organize a couple of times a year)!! It’s allows my creative juices to flow better because my mind’s not as clogged down with thoughts like “I know I have something similar to that somewhere” or “Where are those really cool beads I’ve been saving for that special design?”

    It’s fun reading how other’s are going through some of the same things,….let’s me know I’m not completely alone in my crazy little world.

  7. CHaos Queen here – Matthias hates this habit:-)

  8. I also need to go on a jewelry making purchase diet!! Our vacation is coming up and I need to SAVE money and not SPEND it on MORE BEADS!! Good luck to you on your “diet”.

  9. I think it is good for creativity purposes to limit onself as this from time to time. It forces one to use supplies they already have in their stash that sometimes lingers for months in storage boxes. Most recently, I used beads I already had with this same thought in mind rather than purchasing more beads for the project. I produced a lovely necklace and matching bracelet for a customer! I diet like this several times a year when I feel guilty spending money on more supplies. Organization is the key. Can’t use what you have if you don’t know where it is…

  10. Yes silver filled is like gold filled. Much thicker bonding of silver than plated and oxidizes and works much like sterling silver. It may be a little stiffer but can be annealed. Fire Mountain was the first to carry the wire and limited findings. Now Monsterslayer has the wire. I am hoping the sheets are coming soon. Good luck with your move and setting up your studio room!

  11. I am in a state of total disorganization and I fear I will need to stay that way another few weeks until we are moved into our new house, which will have a studio.
    Meanwhile, do tell about using silver filled wire. Is it less expensive? I am just getting back into the swing of things and the price of silver is crazy. I was really depressed because I felt I could no longer afford to make jewelry. Then I found the lead-free pewter. But I don’t know how people feel about that.

  12. Pretty darn good looking jewelry! Love the shape of the earring wires.

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