Handcrafted Wire Jewelry

My jewelry making purchase “diet” is going well.  I am happy to report, I have not ordered anything new for over a week and it’s really not so bad – so far…  It is good to know I am in the same boat as many of you out there.  Thanks for sharing your stories!

One of my goals has been to make more handcrafted wire jewelry and components.  This helps me with my jewelry supply diet, because if I make them, I don’t always have to shopping for them.  I’ve had all the tools and wire for quite a while so it is definitely time to start using them.

Since it is Bead Table Wednesday,

I’ll share everything on my bench today, just finished and in progress.

This first project is exciting.  It’s a work in progress.  I am taking some instruction from Deryn Mentock. The workshop is called BoHo Bliss and I am truly enjoying pounding, drilling, shaping and torching wire to make some cool earrings.  These silver sticks, which I fashioned from plain round silver wire, will become a pair of rustic sterling silver hoop earrings.  I’m excited to show off the completed pair, I can’t wait to finish them.  Be on the lookout for Deryn’s next workshop offering if you are into working with wire and would like to make some cool earrings.  I will be taking another class in person from Deryn in September through Cindy Wimmer’s and Jeanette Blix’s Art Bliss.  I am blissfully happy this takes place less than a half hour from my house!

Next up is a simple leather bracelet I made with a copper focal I made from 16 gauge copper wire in a loose figure 8 pattern.  I was just playing around and came up with the shape with the wrap in the center.  I also made the S hook clasp for this bracelet from an 18 gauge wire.  The round leather cord is a 1.5 mm size from Leather Cord USA in dark brown from their natural dye collection.  I really like how this natural dye leather works with the oxidized copper.

I am trying to use different gauges of wire together to make my clasps look more interesting.  This clasp is from an 18 gauge wire with a 22 gauge wire wrapped around for a little decoration.  Figure 8 from an 18 gauge as well.

That’s it for now, I am covered in steel wool dust and really need to get it off my arms – I’m getting itchy!


4 responses to “Handcrafted Wire Jewelry

  1. Tracy, I bet you’ve been having a blast in Deryn’s Boho Bliss workshop! Beleive me, I was so tempted to sign up for it too! She’s an excellent instructor and I was fortunate to meet her for the 1st time and take a class last September at ArtBLISS. Thank you for the shout out, and I look forward to seeing you in September. Maybe we can coordinate a dinner again like we pulled off for Stephanie’s workshop – remember that?? 🙂

  2. The copper has been oxidized already and has already darkened quite a bit. It may darken some more – but probably not too much. You can always give it a little buff with a nail buffer on the high spots to shine it up from time to time if you feel you want your copper to be a little brighter in certain spots. You can apply some Renaissance wax – but probably not necessary. Hope that helps!

  3. These are beautiful, Tracy. I especially love the copper and leather bracelet–the combination is stunning. Question: How do you keep the copper wire from turning darker over time? I love copper but I worry about maintaining it.

  4. These are really great, Tracy. It reminds me of what my husband says sometimes, “We have to go shopping in our pantry!” It’s a good thing to sometimes stop bringing things into the home and studio. It forces you to get creative with what you have, which is some of the most satisfying work! You go girl!

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