Handcrafted Wire Jewelry 2

To follow-up on my last post, I finished my Rustic Silver Hoops and I really love them!  They went from this…..

To this!

I’m  not finished with the BoHo Bliss Workshop yet so there will be more cool handcrafted wire earrings to share soon!

I also finished a necklace that will look great with these earrings.  I still can’t get New Mexico and turquiose out of my mind…

Tip:  Try knotting together chain and waxed cotton cord for a really stylish long necklace.  The knotting is a really cool effect and gives you multiple places to hang charms from.

Have a great weekend!


4 responses to “Handcrafted Wire Jewelry 2

  1. Tracy, your earrings are so beautiful! They look like the kind you could wear everyday and would be your staple pieces.
    I meant to tell you, I love what you are doing with wire and that wire/leather bracelet you featured in your last post is gorgeous! Would wear that one with everything too!

  2. The chain and the waxed cotton look great together and the knotting has a rustic appearance that goes with the chain. Looks great.

  3. love these earrings could give the instructions.

    • Glad you like them Amy! I would love to share – but it is not my design. I can’t share a tutorial on these as the workshop I took to learn to make these is a paid workshop created by Deryn Mentock and I would be infriging on her copyright. If you would like to see more of her work, you can go to http://somethingsbulime.typepad.com

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