Handmade Wire Jewelry 3 – More Earrings

I’ve completed another pair of handmade wire earrings from the BoHo Bliss Workshop by Deryn Mentock.   I have enjoyed BoHo Bliss immensely!  I’ve had fun trying to make my pieces look unique.

I can’t say enough for participating in workshops online or in person.  It’s so healthy to learn and connect with other like minded creative people.

          Here are Deryn’s Lodestar Lantern Hoops

Ruby zoisite lanterns3

Here are my Lodestar Lantern Hoops

Pretty different!  I scaled them down in size and did not get quite the same shape. The petite size made for some challenging wire wrapping but I wanted to keep these for myself and I like smaller earrings.   After playing with all sorts of gemstones, I decided to go metal on metal.   The gold filled beads I’ve had for YEARS…  I would not be buying these today with gold at $1800 an ounce!  I used sterling silver wire for the handforged hoops and gold plated fleur-de-lis beads that have also been in my stash for a long, long time.

I am wishing I had oxidized the wrapping wire and left it almost black for an edgier more contrasting look – but I think they are cool this way too.

Deryn has closed her online workshop for now – but you can catch her live in the DC Metro Area at Art Bliss coming very soon in September.  I will be there taking some other live workshops.

Anyone want to join me?  There are so many great classes and instructors to choose from and  there is still time to sign up!


6 responses to “Handmade Wire Jewelry 3 – More Earrings

  1. Oh I hav e signed up for 2 classes at Artbliss. One is for the earrinf\gs another by another artist for cuffs. I am really looking forward to it! I too live in VA and would love to meet you at the Embassy Suites while we are there. as for an entry in the contest I love all the things you make so any package that you make I am sure would be awesome. Really! I do have an affinity for your wrapped bracelets though. I thought a mettalic leather cord with beads would be fun for the upcoming seasons. Hope to be in touch.

  2. Tracy, your earrings are fabulous!! I know you’ll be wearing these for years to come. Deryn is a fantastic instructor!

  3. Beautiful!! Makes me want to make them. Sounds like a great class.

  4. Impressive! I like your metal on metal, and you used from your stash! You have learned a lot the way it looks! Thanks for the post!

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