Make Bracelets 500

It’s time for another giveaway at Make Bracelets.  The occasion?  Make Bracelets Blog just passed 500 email subscribers today!  I want to celebrate by sharing some goodies and tips with you.

Warning:  This is wordy.  Generally I’m not.   I value pictures and white space.  You must read the entire post to get the details to win fabulous prizes!
 Time has flown by since I began writing Make Bracelets early last November.  I started this blog 9.5 months ago for several reasons:
Most importantly, I wanted to connect with other people who liked to make jewelry as much as I did.  I have made jewelry for about 8 years as a hobby (some years more than others depending on the age of my kids, my commute, etc.).  I knew there were lots of  passionate jewelry makers out there but I had not had time or made the effort to connect with them.   When I had time to really get back into making lots of jewelry, too many eyes were glazing over when I tried to share my excitement about beads and such.  It’s been said:  Hobbies are boring subjects to most unless they share the same hobby.  I needed to connect with others that “Got It”.

Secondly, my blog was going to be an experiment in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  to see how quickly I could be “discovered” and rank in Google for key words on the internet.  Afterall, if I was going to take the time to write – I wanted people to read and respond to what I was taking the time to produce.   Through my various careers, extracurricular classes, conferences and seminars, I knew what to do to market and optimize a blog.  I just had not put it into action for myself. I had not had the time.   My work was always for the benefit of others.

Thirdly,  I wanted to inspire and teach others.  I have had three successful and very different professional careers in my more than 40 years.  I had discovered in all of my jobs I had always managed to create a teaching component or was placed in a position in each career that allowed me pass my knowledge on to others.  That’s  just me.  My life is enriched when I can share “How To…” with others.

Lastly, I  am not  happy unless I am learning or perfecting a skill.  There is a quote that sums this up for me.

Who dares to teach must never cease to learn. ~John Cotton Dana

For me, teaching and passing it on is a way to never stop growing and learning myself.   It’s an investment of time, money and effort I will never regret.  This is why I do what I do.  Now on the Giveaway…

Giveaway Details – 2 Opportunities!

#1:  Leave a comment with your favorite kinds of beads to work with and favorite color palette for a chance to win a mystery bead and finding package.  As always, wrapped up all nice and pretty!  I can’t promise to get exactly your fav’s – but it helps me to get to know you and your taste.  I have found my Mystery Packages to be well received and I have enjoyed seeing pictures of the amazing jewelry that has been made from my stash.

#2:   I am going to do something I have never done before.  It will not be for everyone.  You have to have a blog or just starting to set one up.  I am going to offer my time via phone or Skype (your choice) to a blog owner to share some of the easy and fast methods I have used to get traffic.  How to rank for key words, how I research key words and how I have gained over 106,000 page views mostly in the last 7 months without being published in magazines, without visiting tons of blogs and commenting, without submitting to blog directories and only participating in maybe one blog hop.  Don’t get me wrong.  All of those methods work – but they are time consuming.  I am lazy about my traffic and spend very little time working on it.  I only post once a week – sometimes twice if I am lucky and have only tried to rank for a few words.  I will show you  a few things to keep in mind when you are writing or even naming your blog, maybe even how a little SEO over at YouTube can help.  My three little tutorial videos have received about 26,000 views in the last few months and help bring new blog visitors all the time.   You must leave your blog address and/or blog under construction info in the comment box so I can draw a random winner.

Update: To be entered for both drawings you must tell me your fav beads and colors and specify you want help with your blog & traffic.  I can’t assume you want search engine and traffic help if you have  a blog and don’t say you want help.  Thanks!

All commenters are numbered and then entered into to choose a winner.  This Giveaway will end Sunday the 21st of August.  Winner will be drawn and announced early on Monday the 22nd.  It does not matter where you live.  We can coordinate time zones and I am happy to ship anywhere.  You may enter a comment for each opportunity if it interests you or applies to you.  You may only win one giveaway.

Ouch my fingers hurt!  Thanks for sticking with me.   For those of you that just want jewelry making eye candy.  I will be back with more of that soon!  Less words – more pictures!


42 responses to “Make Bracelets 500

  1. Hi Tracy. Thanks for such a wonderful give away! You’re great!

    I love working with artisan made ceramic or porcelain beads. My favorite colors are the jewel tones (deep blues, greens, purples, etc.). They seem to have such a richness to them.

    I do have a blog that I think has one entry on it (if I remember correctly!). It’s sad looking but it would be great if I can receive some tips from you. My blog is

    Thanks so much!

  2. Tracy, thanks for sharing so much. I recently found your blog and have found it to be so helpful.

    So giveawy #1 – I like semi-precious stones to work with most, but also pearls (grey, blue, green lt/dk, burgundy). My favs are earthtones but I’m trying to learn to come out of my comfort zone.

    Giveawy #2 – Is a work in progress I have the page – just haven’t wrote anything or posted anything – need like a jumpstart, how to. When I saw the giveaway I thought PERFECT you can get this pony going.

  3. My favourites are the italian glass beads – the type that you would use just one of of to draw attention to it. As for colours – green. A deep rich mossy green – I think half my wardrobe is that shade!


  4. Hey Tracy.
    My eye always wonders right to the following three things! anything labradorite it is for sure my go to stone, I feel as though it is different every time and more interesting then the next. Also any charm/bead with lotus flowers or Buddhas… I am a real sucker for. I match these elements up with usually a natural color palette, with a hint of mixed metal beads!

    As always love your blog!


  5. I am on vacation on Cape Cod and have been making your beaded waxed linen bracelets. I made a beautiful blue one, reminds me of the ocean. Blue, black and silver seem to be my favorites this week.

  6. P.S. I am not picky on color palettes either. I have favorites, but often it is the times that I am using something that I don’t see as a favorite, that it becomes that much more of a challenge and I love it! And I love surprises!

  7. I am crazy about all beads! I love Humblebeads the best, and ceramics by Kylie Parry and Earthenwood and Chinook, all for different reasons. I am in love with glass from Kelley Wenzel, Kerry Bogert and Juliana Cannon. And I recently acquired some Kerri Fuhr beads that are so amazing! I really cannot stop myself with art beads. There are lots of Green Girl and Lynn Davis in my stash, Jangles and Diane Hawkey, and even some pieces from Esther in France and Rafya in Israel! I love stones and glass equally and for flashes of brilliance I always turn to pearls. I am not a bead snob in any form and will gladly mix metals and store bought with handcrafted any day of the week.

    Congrats on the milestone, Tracy! You deserve it!
    Enjoy the day!

  8. Tracy – this is an awesome give-a-way! Thanks!

    #1 – favorite beads/colors: Pearls are my fav beads/gems and color wise I like the Tahitian colored ones (blues/greys) and good old fashioned white ones in all shapes and sizes. I’m also into ceramic beads right now in all colors, too.

    #2 – blog site and help: my blog is and I’d love (and really really need) optimization help and any tips you could give!!

    Thanks for a great website and for this give-a-way. Some lucky person is going to get some really great beads and good advice/help!

  9. I would love some help with my blog!

  10. I love earthy colors and my favs are semi precious stones. Thanks so much for sharing your tips and tutorials.

  11. Hi! I normally work with earthy colors, especially the colors that remind me of the ocean and beach!

  12. Tracy you have inspired me to at least get a blog address! Thank you! leenieleenie.word My favorite beads to work with are Japer beads, picture Jasper and picas so are my favorites with their soft blending of many colors and interesting markings. I love the subdued teals, browns, rusts!

  13. Ohh, and the SEO tipps would be great – unfortunately I live in Germany…

  14. Oh my god, both opportunities are huge:-) My fav colors are turqouise andblue and green – love that:-)

  15. second entry I just started a WordPress its creativebirdie

  16. Holly Molly I love all beads as far as color they all inspire me

  17. …i just discovered your blog a few days ago and i love it! my favorite beads are the purple and red ones! i don`t have a blog, so that`s all i can say;-)

  18. I love czech beads of all kinds, there is so much variety there. And I love semi-precious stones, especially turquoise, and silver and antique brass/bronze/copper. I’m not really a gold person at all. Colourwise, I’m drawn to pinks and purples, as well as blues and greens of all hues. I don’t have a blog right now, so just enter me in the beads giveaway please!
    Oh and thank you for your great video tutorial on the wrap bracelets, it was really helpful!

  19. How timely to have just discovered you! Yes, I would love some help to increase visitors!! Robins egg blue is my all time fav. Thanks so much.

  20. Marcia Atherton

    Presently I’m enjoying working with 4mm and 6mm gemstone round beads. I’m using these to create wrap bracelets with Greek leather cord.

  21. I love to work with vintage beads, or buttons. I guess I tend toward blues or earthy colors, but love bright colors too. I have a blog that I would love help with. Creating is my love and passion, but working with our family’s real estate business pays the bills. The blog is business, but would love advice on driving traffic.

  22. My favorite beads to work with are unusual semi-precious stones. I have a carved jade bead that I love that I used on a necklace. I love the blue-green colors.

    I already have a blog —

  23. I love your blog which I discovered while teaching myself how to make the wrap bracelets (yours are gorgeous, by the way.) You have been MOST helpful in this endeavor, as I have made several really special ones myself, still discovering different materials that work well or not.I also intend to borrow your teaching quote, as I am a teacher, and that has always been my philosophy! I am also setting up a blog, but I would REALLY love to win your bead giveaway! My favorites, so far, are the natural stones in the brown, blue or turquoise hues, and I would love to try the 12 ply waxed Irish linen or something similar. While we have several bead places here in Amarillo, there are virtually no good sources for cord! Frustrating! You have really inspire me artistically! Several people have asked to purchase my wraps, but I’m afraid it will stifle my creative flow, so I’m just giving them as precious gifts! Thank you!

  24. I would love to have some SEO tips for my blog. It’s at I’ve only had it 3 months or so but have very few readers.

  25. I would love to win a skype or phone call to learn about increased traffic to my blog. I really gave that a try and read alot about blogging with I thought maybe the problem was it was to random….about family, life experiences, cute things the grandkids do or say,recipes, sharing bargains, ways to save and great products. All over the place. The stringsattached blog I have not put as much into…..too busy reading, learning, practicing with new materials (new to me) and new techniques. I would love to get to a point to balance both.

  26. Hey Tracy, I am really into turquoise, metalics, faceted beads, copper, bronze, neutrals. I now know why I felt such a connection to you and your blog. I love to learn and share knowledge. I am so enjoying this journey of learning all the many materials and techiques I can. You have been a big part of this journey. Just placed another order at Dry Gulch. They are having 25 percent off with the promotion code of SCHOOL. Thank you for telling me about them,

  27. My faves are seed beads, 11 and 15, blacks, whites, neutrals (the occasional green thrown in)–in all finishes, and natural stones. Usually for peyote and bead embroidery.

  28. Crystal beads in turquoise, green and purple are my favorite!!

  29. I would love to receive some help in getting more traffic to my blog and maybe helping with growing my business. I am a busy mom with a part-time job and a house to take care of so I don’t always have lots of time to spend on the computer and I would actually like to work without taking time away from my kids during the day.

  30. My favs are beachy blues, greens, and sandy tones. Think sky, water, sand. I vary this palette by thinking about how these might look at different times of the day under different light conditions. While I’m primarily a beadweaver, when I get out the big beads, I work with pretty much anything but of course I love lampwork, Czech glass, pearls, and metal beads. I tend toward a more vintage/ethnic feel in my work. I add chain, leather, and silk to my pieces.

    This is a great giveaway and fun to read what others have said about their work. Thanks and keep up the inspiration.

  31. Gretchen Schlier

    Tracy…I love all kinds of glass and lampwork beads in green, blue, purple, black and recently loving gunmetal silver and antique copper. I have been making leather wrap bracelets this summer and thinking of what would be nice to make for the winter holidays.I do not have a blog and only make creations for myself, friends and family. I have been enjoying your blog…Thanks!

  32. This is for the bead give-away.So I am frugal(cheap), and fickle, but this summer I have been working with seed beads, size 6, 8, 11, (still challenged by 15) for bead crochet ropes. The color palettes have changed with each bracelet. I like mixing textures, matte, shiny, silver, gold, brassy, or chrome.

  33. I’d like to enter the bead giveaway since my blog is a vegan food blog. I love working with size 11 seed beads, czech glass beads (faceted rondells are my fave) and any sort of natural stone like agate, jasper and the like. I love all colors! I do prefer working with silvertone or brass tho. I’m not a fan of gldtone because it’s so difficult to find components to match in color! I’m vegan so I do not work with leather, shell, natural pearls or silk.

  34. I love seed beads. I especially love Delicas and, if I ever saw one, I’m sure I’d love Aikos. My favorite colors are all the autumnal hues — love the range from gold to orange to burgundy and purple and green and blue or what were once called “jewel tones.”

  35. (for the first giveaway option, I do not have a blog). I just found your blog the other day through Pinterest, and am so glad I found you! I love making jewelry and am looking forward to going through your archives!

    I love working with beading cord, hemp, wood beads, leather, and other (what I would call) “natural” type items.

  36. I love lampwork beads. My colours are black, earthtones, green and amethyst. What a fabulous giveaway.

  37. Any kind of vintage or metallic beads are great and i love purples, greens, blues 🙂 Thanks!

  38. I could certainly use some help! My favorite beads are ceramic with rich glazes depicting nature, like leaves, flowers, etc. I would love to knot a ceramic bracelet as I haven’t worked with linen or leather cording yet.
    Thank you for your generous giveaway!

  39. Lately my favorite beads to work with have been my own art beads. I don’t have a favorite color palette. I love all colors. I do enjoy your blog posts.

  40. I go through phases of color favs. Right now my favorite beads seam to be the various hues of sea and sand. Not just because it is summer and I live in California. I find the beiges, light browns, sea greens, and blues very calming. I would love to learn how to make crochet bracelets using these colors. Any chance you will be doing a tutorial on this soon? Thank-you for the chance to win a goodie package from you!

  41. My favorite beads are silver stamped with large holds in order to use my second favorite item which is 7 ply brown waxed linen. I discovered your tutorial about making braided waxed linen bracelets with silver beads. Love it and have made ten (yes, ten) of them in every color. Thank you.

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