Wax On at Art Bliss

Art Bliss was great!  I took a workshop by Deryn Mentock called “Wax On”.   It was really fun.  I had no idea I would be casting and painting along with the the metal working and soldering that I had expected.  The combination of activities made for a really fun class.  I’m excited I can make my own bezels and fill them with resin and whatever I want – including encaustic wax.

I would dare to say there are very few high quality jewelry making retreats like Art Bliss where you get access, in a smaller group setting, to well known instructors like Deryn Mentock, Richard Salley, Jane Salley, Robert Dancik, Kerry Bogert, Diane Cook & Christine Damm.  Jeanette & Cindy do an amazing job organizing the event and think of everything to make the workshop experience a great one.

I need more practice making the bezels, forming the bezel wire and soldering.  It was more challenging than I had expected to be nice and neat with the solder paste and solder.  I can’t wait to make some more bezels at home!

The hobnail bezels shown below were not handmade – just filled with the casting  and the wax.   The copper bezels were all made from scratch.

 Some of the gals pictured here (not in order).  Melissa Mann, Sally Rusick, Kerry Bogert, Jen Judd, Cindy Wimmer, Anne Savage, Laura Twilford.

I wish I had more pics to share. I always feel like that after events like this. I met so many neat people and saw blog friends.  Most of all, I learned a great new skill and had fun hanging out with so many talented and creative people.

If you haven’t had the chance to take a class in person or online, make it a priority and schedule the time to learn a fun new skill.  It will bring you bliss.


5 responses to “Wax On at Art Bliss

  1. Tracy, it was so great to meet you at ArtBLISS and I love your pendant! BEAUTIFULLY DONE!!!
    The photos of the weekend are fantastic! I miss being there and can’t wait til next year!

  2. Tracy, I really enjoyed the chance to see you at ArtBLISS. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and learned new skills. Those of you in Deryn’s Wax On class really seemed to have a great time! I loved seeing everyone’s work when class let out. Hope to see you the next time around too! 🙂

  3. Just recently stumbled upon your blog. Love it! And that bathroom above is too die for 😉

  4. Thanks Lee! It’s a very different style and piece for me – but brings me so many inspirations to try new things with my jewelry!

  5. Beautiful ……my kind of jewels!

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