Handmade Necklace: Mixed Metal Style

I have been playing around with a long necklace.  I love using different metals all together – especially oxidized metal.  I also tend to mix seemingly unlike styles together.  I usually like the result.

I used a curly – more modern copper link I handmade from thick gauge wire and mixed that with a blackened replica antique key that I wrapped with oxidized copper wire.  I rediscovered some tiny faceted coin beads in pink quartz the other day when I made the earrings I showed you last week.  I’ve had these faceted coins in my stash for at least 8 years and never used them until recently and now I can’t seem to get enough.  Pink was never my color – but now I love to balance out dark, hard metal with barely there pink!

I brought one of my gals up from the basement today to help model where the necklace falls.  She never gets to see the light of day and she does not seem to care that her necklaces don’t really go together – I just tossed another one on the pile.  Poor thing.  She really needs to get out more.

Hope you have a chance to mix up your style a little this weekend!


7 responses to “Handmade Necklace: Mixed Metal Style

  1. Love the necklace – it’s very modern, yet has this ‘vintage’ look about it that’s rather mystical!
    I’ve been searching for the perfect dress form (my Pearl Girl!) for well over a year now,…I can’t believe I cannot find ‘her’ anywhere,…hopefully this fall she will find me!! Your girl looks supreme draped in all those gorgeous necklaces – I bet she’s loving it! 🙂

  2. Sharon Misuraco

    Hi Tracy,
    Hey, I wouldn’t mind being that gal from the basement if I could wear all those fabulous necklaces!! I really like your heavy gauge link and the way you combined the metals with the delicate pastel. Contrast I wouldn’t have thought of! Creative work!

  3. Beautiful. Love it as I do everything you make. I am loving my torch too Tracy. Not any classes for metalwork around Greenville SC. What would I do without internet?

  4. Yes, love that pink wit the metals. And last spring, as I was at my favorite thrift shop, I discovered 3 female forms which they were selling for $20 a piece! Couldn’t believe my luck. Two black and one white!

  5. Tracy, I really like where you are going with all of the metals and wire work! And long necklaces are my favorite…and love pink too! 🙂 You made a beautiful necklace there! Have a great weekend!

  6. I love that your girl got to get some fresh air. I think my girls may go on a little field trip to the ARTS NIght show on Tuesday with me. I hope Queen Pearl rides in the car well 😉

    I love this style. That is what I have been doing lately with the simple truths (must.make.more!). BTW…I made something that should work on a bracelet… I will make something and share a picture okay? I was channeling you when I made it. 😉
    Enjoy the day!

  7. Tracy, I just love this necklace! The hint of pink with the mix of metals and that key! Beautiful!!

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