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Hi!  I’m Tracy and I am the bracelet making girl behind this blog.  Jewelry making has been a hobby, then a passion and some may say an obsession for the last 8 years.  Bracelets are usually my favorite pieces to make – all kinds of bracelets!  This bracelet obsession probably stems from the fact that I have a small wrist and when I buy a bracelet it hangs annoyingly low on the hand and I always have to shorten and rework it.  Eventually, I gave up buying bracelets “over the counter” and just started making my own.  I also love that I get to secretly admire my creations all day just by just gazing down at my wrist.  That’s the beauty of a bracelet.

I do make earrings and necklaces and I aspire to make rings one day too.  You will see them all here!

What do I attribute my creativity to?  Well, my Mom is creative and very talented in different artistic mediums.  She paints, draws, sculpts and even has dabbled in making jewelry.  She was an art teacher, so growing up I was always exposed to all kinds of artistic activities.  I am thankful that our kitchen table was always full of art projects!  It helped give me the creative drive I have today.

After my second child was born, I left the corporate world to pursue my own creative interests full time.  I am a wife,  a mother of two great kids and I have your typical hectic family life.  I have found over the years that other than quiet moments with my husband and kids (few and far between) and maybe after a good walk or yoga class, I am the most happy and relaxed when I am making bracelets and teaching and sharing my interest with others.  I hope you gain useful information and some inspiration from this blog.  I encourage questions, comments and useful criticism.  Enjoy!

Photography Note: I use a Nikon D40x for most of my shots and I love to use natural light.  For my videos I use a Kodak Zi8 HD camera.

Ways to Contact Me: Other than leaving a comment, you may send an email to tjstatler@comcast.net.


19 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi – I love your blog! I recently started a jewelry company that employs women in Indonesia. Some of your tutorials have been so helpful in helping me train them – thank you! We are about to start working on beaded wrap bracelets thanks to your tutorial! Check us out at http://www.bersatudesigns.com and keep the great content coming!! – Cissy

    • Thanks Cissy. Your site is beautiful! I am glad the tutorial has helped and the women you are training. The bracelets are pretty and I love it when there is a good cause mixed in.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve got most of the channel bracelet down except how to start the beading thread—-she says to double knot the thread—-is it doubled once on the needle as if to sew something like we normally do? I’ve made the double knots on one side but now have two tail ends to deal with……HELP, please.

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Judith. Yes double the thread over as you normally would when sewing. I think you are referring to my comment about tying a double knot to start or finish the ends. I then like to put a little tiny dab of GS hypo cement or other adhesive over the knots on each end to have insurance they will not come undone or break apart. Have fun making your bracelet! Tracy.

  3. Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for the info on waxed linen. I’ve been looking for a source that discusses it and how to make jewelry from it and had had little luck until I happened upon your site. Thanks so much for all the helpful info and ideas and tips.

  4. Tracy – I included a link to your bracelet tutorials on my blog today. Sorry to post this here, but I couldn’t find a contact box or email for you.

    Blog entry is here: http://misheldesigns.blogspot.com/2011/07/few-treats.html

    thanks a bunch for such a great site and for sharing all that you do!

    MiShel Designs

  5. your video on making wrap bracelets with wax irish linen is very easy great idea and beautiful bracelets, but where can i buy the Wax Irish Linen? can i order it on line or a catolog?
    or can i subsittude. thanks

    • Hi Dorie.

      Yes you can order it online from many different places now. The biggest supplier is Royalwood Ltd. But if you Google it there are many other suppliers who sell in smaller quantities if you just want to try for one or two projects. You could also substiitute waxed cotton cord – which is less expensive or of course leather cording.

  6. Hi Tracey,

    Thank you so much for doing this blog and sharing your instructions and knowledge with everyone on jewelry designs. Your video got me started on making wrap bracelets (Chann Luu style) and I love them. I also just mastered, thanks to your instructional video on your blog site, the waxed irish linen braided friendship bracelet with silver beads and have branched out into necklaces too! The irish linen is so great to work with! I am wondering if you have a favorite thread material to use in the beaded wrap bracelets? I have been using regular strong nylon thread from sewing stores but wondered if irish linen came thinner that 4ply to go back through average size bead holes. It seems so strong and I’d like to feel a more confident about the strength of my wrap bracelets.

    Thanks for any feedback you can offer!


    • Hi Jill.

      Thanks for your kind feedback! I use a Nymo thread for the wrap bracelets. The Irish linen does come in a 2 ply. It is usually the same price as a 4 ply and I have only seen it at Royalwood Ltd. – which is where I order all of my linen thread from. I do not own any 2 ply thread (yet) and I have not tried in in the average size bead hole. I would imagine it would work- but it is much more expensive to use than a nylon thread. Nymo is recommended by all of the beading companies for on and off loom bead weaving so I think it is pretty strong and reliable.

  7. I have the same question as Yvette… have been online researching the linen and have found that local stores have just regular waxed linen, but none of them are “Irish”. Is it better to have the Irish or does it matter? Is leather cheaper and just as good as the linen? I’m sorry, I’m so new at this and am trying to find good, affordable prices on my supplies. Thank you so much, in advance, for any (more) help that you can provide! =) God bless you!

    • Hi Holly. you commented under my “about Me” page so I am not sure exactly what bracelet you are wanting to make…. but most of the craft stores have waxed cotton cord – which is not as sturdy and works differently than waxed Irish linen – which really has a waxy coating on it. But depending on the bracelet you are making a waxed cotton could work. Like for the braided sparkle bracelets. I agree you need to practice with the least expensive materials. Let me know which bracelet you want to make and I can suggest alternatives or tell you where to get materials at the best price. – Tracy

  8. Tracy, I misplaced your email — I wanted to let you know the book and DVD arrived and I’ll take a look at them this week! THANK YOU! Send me an email so I can get you in my Outlook address book!


  9. Does anyone have any idea where to purchase waxed linen for a great price?



  10. I really love bracelet and I really admire your creativity,i’ve learned a lot from your previous video of making a braided bracelet.can you also post a video on how to create a bracelet using elastic nylon…please?? thank you and God bless,your blog is really helpfuland inspiring…i want to know also about good color combination of beads for bracelet making…

  11. Tracy Statler, my goodness! I had NO IDEA you were both a gifted artist and such a good writer, too! Impressive on both fronts!!!

  12. Congratualtions on being for the Jewelry Accord book! Looking forward to getting to know you and your work better. You are so right about the beauty of the bracelet, I love to see it around my wrist all day long, unlike a necklace that one tends to forget is around your neck.

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