Make Bracelets: Video

Here are my free video tutorials assembled in one place so you can find them easily. Latest one first.

Up-cycled Beaded Silk Wrap Bracelet Tutorial


Irish Linen Sparkly Wrap Bracelet Tutorial


Beaded Wrap Bracelet –  Waxed Irish Linen Tutorial



33 responses to “Make Bracelets: Video

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  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these fab tutorials!
    I had a go at making one, and posted the link to your page on my blog for others to follow; I hope that’s ok!

    Best Wishes from Istanbul – Sian

  3. Just found this on Pinterest! What size nymo thread did you use?

  4. Hi! Great video & site. I was wondering where you would recommend purchasing such decorative buttons? I’ve been searching and searching! The ones you used seem perfect! Thank you!

    • Hi Leah.

      When I started making my bracelets, I had to go to my local fabric store G Street fabrics (which has a great selection) to buy buttons. Now many of the big online bead stores have started carrying buttons because of the popularity of the wrap bracelet and using buttons in jewelry making. Artbeads and Beadaholiqiue have a selection of buttons. You can Google metal or metalized buttons online or just try a fabric store. Good luck!

  5. Is there a good place to order beads from? Totally new to this, and just with google, it’s a little overwhelming!!! No idea… Thanks! -Whitney

    • If you are just getting started go to Michaels or AC Moore or local craft store and get some beads on sale. Many of them are 50% off right now or use a coupon if you get there and they are not on sale. Have fun! it’s addicting.

  6. Love this site!!! I found it from Pinterest so glad I did. I mentioned your site on my blog and have a link posting back to you. Check it out at


  7. Hey there!
    Your tutorial is amazing and I am eager to make the 2nd bracelet but I have one question – what tread should I use to sew the beads – I am from Europe and I am not sure what should I search for!

    Thank you,

    • Hi Meggie. I use Nymo beading thread. Here in the States it is a fairly common beading thread. You can google it and find a source that you would like to use. Hope that helps.

  8. Hi, You made the beautiful sari yarn bracelet. I have a question. Which sari would I buy? The one your using is it all connected and your cutting to length or are they already in long pieces ready to make a bracelet.
    Thank you

    • Hi Teri. If you google silk sari ribbon yarn, I think you will find several resources – but I like to purchase from Darn Good Yarn. Tell Nicole over there in your purcahse comments that you learned about her from Make Bracelets Blog!
      Have fun making them!

  9. Hi I’m new to beading and your site (great site!). Is look where to get the Indian sarey (spelling bad) scarps at. Thank you Cindy

  10. Thanks so much for your videos. Keep ’em coming.You are an inspiration! 🙂

  11. hey can u show us how to make picot earrings? i really want to know how!!! thanks!

  12. Thanks Tracy..From the remains of the bracelet it appears that there were 4 threads; 2 used at at a time as one; with knots that face front and then to the side. There are beads interwoven which appear simple enough, it’s just the “knotting” that is hard to discern…Thank you again

  13. I have a treasured bracelet from a monastery retreat that is now in shreds. It appeared to have four strands (2 doubled) used in some kind of a knot but not braid?

  14. Could you please tell me the name of the knot that is used for the turquoise studded bracelet located second from the right in the picture at top? I cannot tell you what it would mean to get that info. Thanks.

  15. Tracy,
    I made the most beautiful beaded wrap bracelet (thanks for helping me out with the tutorial). I used No. 4 silk bead cord and unfortunately after wearing my lovely bracelet for only about 2 weeks the silk cord is fraying and breaking, my only solution is to take it apart and start over again with a different stringing material. Do you have any suggestions for something better to use? Is there a something that looks delicate enough so it doesn’t distract from the beautiful beads but strong like kryptonite so it holds up to everyday wear?

  16. Cecilia Bonevardi

    I’m wondering if you could tell me how to make this simple wrap bracelet double? Not in length but in width….
    Thank you,

    • Hi Ceceila. I have made them with 2 or three beads across before which doubles the width. You just string on a extra bead each time instead of one. You have to be sure to not use large beads as the bracelet will get a bit wobbly.
      Hope that is what you were looking for!

  17. I’ve just signed up to your web/blog. I am so impressed with your talent and love your projects. I’ve been trying to find out how to make these. Thanks for being here! Can I ask where you get your Irish Linen cord, I’ve been having problems trying to find some in Canada. Thanks again, and I look forward to your blog.

  18. I was wondering, what is the difference between the linen Irish wrap bracelet to a linen India wrap bracelet? The reason why I ask a India woman came into the store with one on and it looked just like the Irish wrap but it was different, she said she got it from her country. She wouldn’t really let me get a good look at it, she knows I make jewelry I guess that’s why, but I have the braceletgirl , hehehe!

    • Hi Janice. Well – Bracelet Girl is not totally sure what a linen India Wrap Bracelet is. I would have to see it. Sorry! I am assuming it is a cotton or silk cording of sorts – most likely not waxed… But not totally sure. – Tracy

  19. Thank you so much, Tracy, for sharing your beautiful bracelet ideas! I’m so excited to get started on my bracelet making adventures!

  20. i keep signing up for you blog only i never get it in my reader, i just have to wait for one pretty thing to send something to me
    this is the second time i’ve signed up for it
    love all of your projects
    thanks for sharing


    • Hi Linda – Thanks! Enter your email in the top right hand box of my blog where it says, ‘Free Bracelet Making Tips”. Click on the box that says enter your email here and you will receive an email each time there is a new post on my site. I would do it for you – but it will not allow me to add email addresses. – Tracy

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