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How to Use Pinterest – A Pinteresting Tutorial.

Pinterest.  If you are not already there, you’ve  probably heard of it.

 But, what is it – really?

* In simple terms,  it’s a virtual pinboard.  A place to gather inspiration & ideas.

* Pinterest is a social media platfrom made up of individual pin boards filled with amazing photographs “pinned” from all over the web. You can share pins on Facebook or Twitter and users can “like” or “repin” your pins.

* Pinterest is for organizing and showcasing photos, videos (as of a few weeks ago) products, tutorials or ideas you love.  You can create a mood and communicate a particular vibe in the way you curate your pin boards.

* Pinterest is a community building tool that allows you to follow or encourage others to follow you if they like your taste in a particular topic area.

* Pinterest is addicting (fair warning) and fun.

* Pinterest is a Marketing Tool That Can Help Promote Your Blog or Biz – If You Use it Wisely.

I admittedly have been spending some real time on Pinterest lately.   I had never heard of Pinterest until about 5 months ago when it started showing up as a traffic source on my blog.  People were pinning and repinning pictures of my bracelets.  I went and checked it out and thought – Wow!?  What will they come up with next?!  It looked neat – but I did not “get” Pinterest at that point.

Time passed and I would bounce there occasionally from my traffic stats page in WordPress.   After a little browsing, I started to realize the allure of Pinterest.   The inspirational ideas, tutorials and amazing pictures on any topic I could imagine began to suck me in.

A few weeks ago, I began “curating” my own boards.  I’ve been having fun discovering incredible new blogs, finding artists, gaining inspiration for decorating, finding other jewelry makers, seeking out yummy recipes, over the top photography –  the list goes on an on.

Photo Source: Pinterest.   I make caramel apples every year with my kids.  Have I ever used real sticks before?  No!  Will I this year?  Absolutely!  Thank You Pinterest!


Quick tips if you want to generate traffic from Pinterest if you have a blog or sell something creative.

Pinterest frowns upon using it’s platform only for self promotion.   But there are ways to use it to drive traffic that are encouraged and not overtly self promoting.  Pinterest is filled with tons of creative people that use it tastefully to promote their message, their blog, their workshop, their class, their art.

1)  Take advantage of the About Me statement in your profile page and add a few words about yourself, your creations, your interests and fill in your web address in case people don’t know to click on the website button below your picture – that way they cut and paste your address if they want to know more.

2)  Fill in your web address again, in the website box in Edit Your Profile.   Pinterest is cool and provides a link button directly to your website under your picture and about you statement takes people directly to your site – unlike Etsy or Flickr.  They also automatically include a button that links to your Facebook page and an RSS feed for your Pins.

3) Pin your creations or products – but not exclusively.  Curate a diverse selection of pins and pinboards containing your interests.  You can have pins and boards that show your work,  blog, workshop or biz.  Just be sure to showcase other’s work as well.

4)  Write good descriptions for your pins.  Use terms that people would likely type in the Pinterest search tool and tag your pins so they can be found by the Pinterest search tool as well as the search engines.

5)  Use Pinterest as a market research tool for trends and products.  See what people are pinning over and over and what they are in love with in different niches.

6)  Create a Follow button for your blog with the button tool, like the red one on my left sidebar.

7) Create a Pin it button for your items for sale to remind people to pin your items.

That’s what I know for now.   Do you have anything you’ve learned that I’ve missed?  Let me know.  Are you on Pinterest?   Follow me so I can follow you! Happy pinning!