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Up & Down, Up & Down

I have been experiencing some technical difficulties, frustrations, insanity this past week.  Make Bracelets was down, then it was up…

then it was down again…

It felt a little like this…

 What is Going On?  

I have been attempting to transfer my blog from WordPress.com hosting to another host like GoDaddy or Host Gator.  If I had known what a project it was going to be, I would have planned better and found some anti-anxiety medication to take.  I found out I am not really qualified to do the kind of transfer I need to do – that’s doesn’t usually keep me from doing something.

I have to switch to a new web host because there are things I want to do in WordPress that I can’t do with WordPress.com.  I want to upgrade my theme, I need to incorporate a store, more tutorials, etc.  I  can’t do it with WordPress.com hosting.

** Big Technical WordPress Tip**  If you want to start a WordPress blog, make sure it is Self Hosted.  In other words, don’t host through WordPress!  If you have questions and care about this topic – you can email me becuase I will be an expert at this very shortly.

I started to tackle backing up .SQl files, FTPing files over, pointing domains to different servers and then back again.  I even tried to hire someone to help me who transfers blogs on a regular basis.  But they were not good at transferring my blog from WordPress.com…  Sigh.

So I am back to square one – other than I have learned quite a bit and I think I may have another solution now.

Make Bracelets is now a

There may be more days with no website.

But I am trying to

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Wish me Luck!