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Silver Pricing Down

Craving  a Little Silver?

Have you noticed?  Metals prices have been falling in the last few days.  They have actually fallen more than 20% .  That’s significant for such a short period.

Silver is around 32 dollars a troy ounce.  This could change fast.  Keep your eye on it – it may go down a bit more – or it could charge back up…

Jewelry supply stores like Rio Grande and Thunderbird, list the spot price they are selling for right on their home page.  They don’t all update at the same time so be aware.  You can see the current spot price at Kitco.

Just thought I would let you know in case you wanted or needed some silver supplies and you have been hating the prices.   It’s still expensive – but quite a bit better than it has been.  It has not been this low since last January.

If you don’t care about the spot price of silver – here are some eye candy pictures featuring different hues of silver found on Pinterest.  Just look at that silver bathroom!  Love!

Enjoy the rest of your week!