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The World Without Steve Jobs

It is hard to imagine how my creativity would be different without the amazing Apple products I use everyday.  I don’t think I would have the same level of interest or be nearly as good of a photographer or photo editor without the introduction to the amazing software on my Mac.  I certainly would not be making videos to share jewelry making tips or fun family adventures.

I may not have started my own blog – without the help of all the Apple technology I use everyday.

Music – Apple completely changed the music industry. I can’t imagine my kids not downloading and listening to songs on their various Apple devices and dancing ’till they drop.  The Ipad is the best distraction on long drives in the car.  Would there be so many pads, tablets or other various mobile devices that essentially followed in the footsteps of Apple?  Probably not.

Thank you Steve Jobs.  Creative people everywhere thank you for making their lives easier and more fun everyday.  Your vision and contributions in your much too short life have been phenomenal.  I am sad along with the rest of the world that you have departed this earth too soon.

Apple will go on and continue to develop incredible technology because Steve Jobs attracted smart, ingenious people to work with.  But somehow, I don’t think it will be quite the same.

Here is a montage from YouTube of some of the great “I’m a Mac / I’m a PC” campaigns with John Hodgman and Justin Long.  Brilliant marketing.

BTW – I was a long time hold out in the Apple world.  It was not until about 5 years ago that we switched from PC to Mac and it truly opened my world to a new level  of creativity!   Are you a PC or a Mac?  I f you are a Mac – do you actually use the amazing software available on your computer?   : )   Hmmm.